May 7, 2019

Recommendations for support apps?

Alex Garibay @alexgaribay

I'm about to allow for more users to join the beta for my app but I want to make sure I have adequate tools in place for supporting my customers. I've been looking at a Frontapp for leveraging separate inboxes as well as having a chat widget. I like the fact that I can do that all from one interface.

Does anyone have a recommendations for similar tools that they've had success with?

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    I've started using Crisp for chat, and discovered it had a ton of nice features for various kind of support, such as FAQ, helpdesk and even status reporting. :) Would definitely recommend!

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    I'd just use intercom.

    I say this from a place where I worked in support organisations, and from someone quite familiar with zendesk and intercom. Intercom also have a killer deal for startups. $49 p/month for everything.

    Best SaaS subscription we pay for at OHNO by far.

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    Not sure what you’re funding is like or support inbox but you’d be surprised how well a finely tuned gmail inbox would treat you. Takes some setup but low cost , otherwise I think you’ll find any well reviewed support tooling quite convenient and helpful.