Reddit admins finally fixed my broken account, now they are giving me conflicting info, could result in a ban, what should I do?

My Reddit account has been broken for 4 months.

I wrote about it previously, it’s a long story, everyone said I was banned, I wasn’t banned, it’s been quite horrible. I had to pin a thread to my Twitter account to try to get their attention, which of course hasn’t been doing me any favours trying to find work.

Turns out requests for my account page were being intercepted by a spam filter. That’s what the support staff eventually told me in an email a few days ago.

They also said:

“Going forward, your posts may occasionally be individually removed by community moderators or their spam filters so you may need to message moderators to review some posts manually.”

The account was operational a few days ago, so I posted on /r/forhire and the post was immediately removed by a bot.

The bot says the account hasn’t been used in too long, and not enough karma. All because of the spam filter. So I want to contact the mods to ask them for help....except the bot also said:

“Please do not contact mods for an exception. Doing so will result in a ban.”

Meanwhile basic things like eating food is becoming problematic for me. Finding work should not be this difficult.

I don’t want to risk actually getting banned, I don’t want the wrath of either the mods or the community, so I am asking here.

What should I do?

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    What should I do?

    Honestly, at this point I'd say it's time to create a new Reddit account. They're quick and easy to make (they don't even require an email), so unless you're particularly tied to that account I'd suggest creating a new one and moving on.

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      Thanks for the advice.

      I’m not super attached to the account, though it’s nice to have the same username across social media sites. However I’m not sure I see why creating a new account will make any difference.

      The new account will have karma issues too, so posts to /r/forhire will also get removed. And the new account won’t have my username, so it’s a net loss without gaining anything.

      Am I missing something?

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        Gotcha; I read the post as meaning there is still some underlying issue with your account. Sounds like that is all fixed.

        There is no way around subreddits having their own rules on account upvotes or age, so as far as I know the only way around this is to submit useful content that gets upvotes and wait. It's like your credit score: you can't inflate it. You just have to pay your payments on time and wait for your average age of credit to go up.

        Meanwhile basic things like eating food is becoming problematic for me. Finding work should not be this difficult.

        I don't think Reddit is going to be the best place to go to find work, so IMO it's not worth all of this effort to use Reddit to find a job. I don't know of any recruiters that go to Reddit to look for people available for work.

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          Yeah the account is fixed, except I can’t post in some places because of inactivity, which was because their system was blocking me, because of their ‘spam filter’. I’m not even sure what that means.

          I’ve had account issues with many of the main freelance websites.

          It's like your credit score: you can't inflate it

          I’m not trying to inflate it. I believe the main reason I can’t post is because of an issue they are responsible for, so it seems to me that asking them about it makes sense.

          By the sounds of it subreddit admins are different people to the support admins? If that’s correct, contacting support about the issue probably won’t cause any issues, right?

          IMO it's not worth all of this effort to use Reddit to find a job

          In a recent IH thread someone else advised the opposite, saying they had great results for freelance work from posting on Reddit.

          [For some reason the comment in that IH post seems to have been deleted, it used to be here]

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