Reddit unveils its Clubhouse clone: Reddit Talk

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    Reddit seems way better positioned for this than other social networks since nearly all subreddits are interest-based. Not to mention the potential for AMAs.

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    Everybody's been talking about Twitter spaces, but this caught me by surprise. Interesting to see reddit starting to really compete with the big social media companies are quietly becoming a behemoth itself.

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    Yea, this is a really good idea for them. They needed something to keep the product moving forward. It's felt stale for a long time.

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    Geeze: Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Reddit Talk, and the other ones in development from Discord, Telegram, Spotify and LinkedIn.

    We're gonna need to create Clubroom that aggregates all of them, to simplify the listening experience, and so that users don't have to install 10 different apps.

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      Not a crazy idea. Clubroom can actually attend all of the room's I'm interested in on my behalf and then just send me snippets of interesting things that were said (audio and transcribed).

      1. 2

        I like it -- I like a lot :)

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    Honestly, I'm getting tired of this lack of innovation from these companies. Lately, the game plan – despite their considerable resources – seems to be: chill, hang back, then watch a new startup take off, copy/paste it.

    I get that I'm incredibly biased as an entrepreneurial scientist and that the average consumer won't care. But it feels so incredible spineless and lame to me.

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    Really interesting move by Reddit!

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    this one seems like a real good opportunity.

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