March 27, 2019

Referral Programs & Coupons (built on stripe)

Patrick Renschler @renschler

Do you have referral programs or use coupons for any of your products built with stripe?

I'm mainly interested in the former - trying to find a good example/tutorial.

Also interested to hear lessons learned from someone who's done either

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    I've never used but Voucherify is API for refarral programs.

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    Building features does not drive sales. Aggressive marketing does. Referral programs are for mature business with big audiences.

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      Referral programs are for mature business with big audiences

      interested to hear why you think that's the case

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        Early on, you won’t have an audience. There are simply not enough eyeballs to spread the word. These programs initiate 2-5% of your audience to take the leap of faith and tell someone else about your product. If you have only 100 visitors a day, what 2 people will spread the word? It is not worth your engineering effort at this point. And if you disagree with me you are scared shi... less of real marketing. Some engineers spend time coding because of their real fear of marketing.

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    I have yet to see referral programs work. The exception is hotjar. It seems they had a massive audience pre launch. Do you have a massive audience?

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      no I don't

      But I've seen people share one of my products in forums because they liked it, would be nice to incentivize the sharing.

      I also wonder if I should send out periodic "coupons" / deals to users who signed up but did not convert. Unfortunately stripe checkout doesn't make it a one liner to add coupons, I think will need to build out my own flow.