April 28, 2019

Referral tools for subscription services using Stripe?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

Anyone using a good referral tool that let's you:

  1. Allow people to create their own unique URL
  2. Allow them to track visits to payment page + conversions
  3. Automatically pays out from Stripe

I was thinking of building this but wanted to see if there's a tool that others are already using. Had a look around the Stripe integrations page and found a couple but not sure how well-tailored they are for indie creators.

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    Hey @Chris24,

    I've listed a few here with some low-cost options available.

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      Epic. You're a king. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Sounds interesting. I love this idea.
    Little similar to Voucherify.io

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      will have a look. thanks! have you used it?

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        Not yet.

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    Hey Chris, this is the type of referral-as-a-service tool we always wanted (with freemium pricing that scales), so we built it!

    1. ✅ (via webhooks/Zapier)

    There are also a ton of other referral tools out there. I'll send you the list if you're interested.

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      thanks! had a look at GrowSurf and did some quick math and you must be killing it. great job! would love to pick your brain. i'll buy you a digital coffee for some of your time

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    I am also this situation with public for this platform lol

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      hey, not sure what you mean. can you clarify? cheers