April 28, 2019

Referral tools for subscription services using Stripe?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

Anyone using a good referral tool that let's you:

  1. Allow people to create their own unique URL
  2. Allow them to track visits to payment page + conversions
  3. Automatically pays out from Stripe

I was thinking of building this but wanted to see if there's a tool that others are already using. Had a look around the Stripe integrations page and found a couple but not sure how well-tailored they are for indie creators.

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    Bump on this .. looking for something relatively simple that allows us to create the URL or people to create their own URL and then track subscriptions / conversions from that link.

    Automatic pay out would be sweet.

    What did you settle for Chris?

    There seem to be 100's of referral, affiliate, influencer marketing solutions with cheap ranging from 49 USD to 200 USD!

    Really looking for something super simple in the 10-15 USD range ideally, with pricing scaling up as we grow.

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    Hey @Chris24,

    I've listed a few here with some low-cost options available.

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      Epic. You're a king. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Sounds interesting. I love this idea.
    Little similar to Voucherify.io

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      will have a look. thanks! have you used it?

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        Not yet.

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    Hey Chris, this is the type of referral-as-a-service tool we always wanted (with freemium pricing that scales), so we built it!

    1. ✅ (via webhooks/Zapier)

    There are also a ton of other referral tools out there. I'll send you the list if you're interested.

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      thanks! had a look at GrowSurf and did some quick math and you must be killing it. great job! would love to pick your brain. i'll buy you a digital coffee for some of your time

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    I am also this situation with public for this platform lol

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      hey, not sure what you mean. can you clarify? cheers