March 16, 2019

Reflecting on launching my first project of 2019

Mac Reddin @TeaGuns

Its been about a month since @erosemberg and I launched Modagrate, so I took some time to reflect on what we did during the launch and how we could have done better.

Getting my thoughts out of my head and 'on paper' really helped me feel more confident in what we can do to improve, both for Modagrate and future projects. Maybe something will be beneficial to someone yet to launch!

Also open to any feedback on the blog post, looking to improve my writing by writing more in 2019.

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    Hey, it's great to see reflections like this. Whilst some people can launch and get customers straight away, I don't think it is the norm. It's still early days and I wouldn't let lack of sales put you off.

    And also, just because no one has bought anything, it doesn't mean you haven't reached your target market. People have to be ready to buy. They probably also want confidence that you'll actually be around for the longterm. As someone into communities, I feel this is an interesting tool and I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    If you are looking for feedback, I'd recommend seeking advice from community managers. CMXHub (they have a Slack group) or Feverbee (they have a forum there)

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      Thanks for the response Rosie, really appreciate it. Definitely not letting our lack of initial sales put us off. We're continuing to develop Modagrate as we figure out exactly who our target is. Our goal right now is to build some integrations (Slack, Telegram etc) so that the product can be used by non-developers.

      Will reach out to the two sources you mentioned, thanks!

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    Who are your potential customers? Have you tried to reach out to them and ask for feedback?

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      We're making a slight shift to focus on communities on Discord, Telegram and Slack by building integrations for them. That way they can use Modagrate without having to mess with our API themselves. Have been reaching out to potential customers in that market and building the integrations based on their feedback.

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        That seems like a good idea!

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    Thanks for sharing. A good deal of the problems you seem to have are discussed in Start Small Stay Small May be worth a read for you

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      Thanks for the book recommendation, will definitely check it out!

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