Daily Stand-up November 27, 2020

Registration Page Is It Good?

Keith Hupp @timekeeperbank

Just wanted to ask you guys if you think this registration page looks good or not. Should I change something?

Does this registration page look ok?
  1. Nope... it sucks Keith
  2. Looking good!
  3. You should change _______
  1. 2

    Remove everything except email and add a password field (if you use it). People hate to enter a lot (!) of personal(!!) information on mobile(!!!) so potentially having so many fields you lose a lot of them.

    1. 1

      I know what you mean!

      Each field adds another level of friction for the user.

      The clients that see this page are warm and not coming here directly without having some touch points.

      It's a lot nowadays to ask users to fill out more information than they want.

      Hopefully our outbound sales team will be able to warm our clients up enough.

      I need to start tracking conversions closely on this page.

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    I would change the Register form header to "Create Account" and the button to "Create my Account".

    People respond better to personalized CTAs.

    1. 1

      That sounds like a good idea and is probably the standard.
      I'm studying up on landing pages that are dynamic that use the users first and last name from LinkedIn for conversions.

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    1. If you must have name, reduce both fields to one full-name. I'd consider removing it completely.
    2. What username is for? Email is unique and users use it to login. You can just remove it
    3. Phone will reduce the registration conversion rate by far. If you must collect it try doing it on a later phase. For example, if it is used for 2-factor-authenticaion, show the user after registration a flow for "now let's enable 2fa"
    1. 1
      1. I think this is a great idea but it would require some rework from our side on the backend to make it happen.

      If we reduced the field to full-name we would have to separate the full name on the backend because those name fields are fields in our mobile app.

      I don't know why but sometimes people put three names in the full name field on some of or other lead generation landing pages.

      We can't have blank fields in our app or online community so if we added validation where the users would have to enter a space and another word then I think we could pull it off.

      To save backend time we are making the user do our work for us.

      Our app and website has all these requirements for data validation its one thing we just kind of built on the fly and still don't' have a technical document for.

      I wish I would have created a set standard for our mobile apps, website admin panel and online community.

      For example not allowing numbers in the form fields for community name.

      Turns out some communities actually have numbers in their names so for these communities we had to change our data validation on the front end.

      1. Username is for our online community. When a user registers in our mobile app or community admin panel website then we create their social profile on the backend for the online community.


      Currently, there is no way to change usernames we might add that feature later.

      1. I think 2fa would be a good option!

      We are strongly considering adding support for text message based 2fa.

      We do have some security to prevent members from losing their accounts if their phone is stolen.

      In the app we have users set up a pin code so no one can transfer their hours to another account.

      Just login to the app and select "HourGlass Account" and set a PIN up.

      We are considering using fancy pants finger print scanner ID for login to your banking details.

      I think this would be a better security measure because a smart scammer would just reset your PIN if they have access to a stolen phone and the email account on the device if not locked.

      BTW in the HourGlass we store records of your exchanges which are private.

      In traditional timebanking everyone in the community can see what you have exchanged for and with.

      We have reviews which are public but keep the transaction history private.

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        1. Don't try to parse full name into first+last. You don't know the order in which it was entered, and like you pointed out you don't know if there's middle name or something similar. Some people's first or last name is consisted of multiple words (my last name is Bar Shalom). My point was - why do you need it separate in the app? Why isn't it enough to have full name that can't be broken into first+last?

        2. If username is how you're called in the app by others, I'd change it to nick-name. And I wouldn't allow you to login with that. You should login with email which is unique and memorable. I might decide to call myself blue dwarf in the app, and I may decide to change it later (even if you don't support it today, you may decide to change it in the future).

        3. If phone number is mandatory by this kind of app, I'd just break the registration into 2 steps. After first step you're already more engaged and less likely to abandon. At that point ask for phone number and explain why you ask for it.

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    On top of all valuable comments given, thought you can take a second look at the image, in terms of image itself as well as it's size and alignment on par with the right hand side.

    I know these things don't really matter much with respect to what the actual product does, still no harm in sharing I guess :)

    1. 1

      Honestly the image was the reason why I posted on IH.

      I don't like the image and I think it should be changed.

      I would like to see building blocks and not a key.

      I get it... unlocking the account and all but IDK I'm a building block kind of guy I guess.


      I don't like badgering my designer (unless you guys tell me too :-) ) I feel a certain level of trust is important when it comes to designs and redesigns.

      I wouldn't want someone asking me for so many changes or second guessing my work and I felt like I could let this one slide.

      So do you think we should make the image larger?

      1. 1

        Yep, badgering your designer may not be a good idea but then I wouldn't be able to do justice on suggesting about the image itself without knowing what exactly does timekeeper do, not sure whether I missed reading any link about it.

        On the size of the image, yes, it would be nice if both left and right sides share the same width and height. I assume once you incorporate feedback on reducing the number of columns on right side, size may automatically come down.

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    Hey @timekeeperbank the registration page looks good. Below are a few suggestions to maybe make it a one step better. Hope this helps.

    1. Rather than just writing Register, maybe use a phrase something like "Register today in less than 10 seconds" etc. It will sound more of a conversation to the user rather than just plainly saying Register.

    2.The Register text at the form is in small letters and in the CTA button is in caps, maybe you want to make it uniform.

    3.Is the captcha tool really necessary? Personally captcha are a pain, I can understand it's kept to protect spam but if you do not get a lot of spam then is it necessary to have the captcha?

    I once did a small side project to highlight ways founders can improve various parts of their websites, I have retired the project but still have the webflow URL hopefully this should give you some ideas as well https://twice--as-nice.webflow.io/dashboard .

    Have a good weekend Keith.

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    Hi,no need for sns account linkage?

    1. 1


      No to be honest there is a fine line between a taxable "Barter Exchange" and timebanking.

      Taxable Barter Exchanges do have to have SSNs of their members on record and members do have to pay taxes on the services rendered every year.

      Exchanging services outside our app can make people tax liable but honestly I think it is much smarter and safer to have a company as a third party in that gray area to ensure that no one is tax liable for services being exchanged through our app.

      1 Way they do this in the EU is they have members state "What is your main occupation?"

      When a member lists that occupation they can not exchange their service for the main occupation but can exchange any other service.

      If ever the Feds slam us and think we are a "Barter Exchange" then we will have to adopt EU standards.

      It has been ruled by the IRS that Timebanking is not taxable as the services are being exchanged in charitable nature, and the hours in the app can not be exchanged outside the network for money.

      Can you imagine the IRS saying if you helped a neighbor then that neighbor should pay taxes on the services you have rendered?

      We can very close to this but luckily the IRS ruled in favor of timebanking and time exchanges, but they could change their minds anytime.

      1. 1

        Oh!Sorry! Thank you for your comment.

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    Looks great - Launch it today and get feedback! You have nothing to lose. Launch early.

    1. 1

      I'm 4 years to late on launching. I'm a very bad example of an IH. I hate getting complains and my previous team was so slow I should have fired them all and now after so much time I have a new team and they work 4x as fast.

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    Hi, I think the design looks good but do you really need to collect all that personal info? Seems like a bit too much to me. Don't you think that it might cause friction?

    Of course, I don't know anything about your business so ignore my feedback if your business relies on all to be filled upon registration.

    1. 1

      I hate friction also but when we first designed the registration for our mobile app we set up username fields. The telephone field is, so we can call the community admin or business owner of the community and use some fancy automation stuff to cut out the spam and in the future we plan on making it a requirement for OTP to the mobile device to ensure that all the users have a mobile phone. We currently give 5 hours of video chat service on our platform for new users who sign up, and we have hand some spam issues due to people trying to farm accounts. So that's one of the reasons for the phone number field. First name and lastname is because most of our automation stuff requires it and it makes sorting that data on the front end easier. So mainly the reasons are business related but your right friction SUCKS. We used to be able to get most of the info from facebook login and google login but its such a pain in the butt now to deal with requesting access to data every year we actually removed that type of login which was much faster. We also ask 21 questions in our pre-registration application. If you think there are questions on here that we might want to knock off please let me know. https://form.timekeeperbank.com/register the goal with the registration is to ensure we pick and choose the right clients. Thank you for your input @basakbuilds it means a lot to have an IH check this stuff out.

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        At least we send an auto generated password for the account creation process to remove 1 or 2 fields. Enter Password, Confirm Password. So I did try :-)

        1. 1

          I'm glad it was helpful!

          A quick check revealed two typos:

          What is your "communities" name?
          Would you like help on "stragities" your community can use to make more money?

          1. 1

            OMG! Thank you so much. I get so burnt when I have any spelling errors on public facing material. I changed "What is your "communities" name?" to "What is the name of your community?" It just seems to roll of the tongue better. I also apparently can't spell strategies 😭. The first thing... I think... is that a customer will say - "If these guys can't spell strategies right then I'm pretty sure I shouldn't take any advice from them."

            1. 1

              Feedback (not regarding your website): Try to add breaks to your paragraphs when you comment or post something.

              Like this.

              It is just an empty line but it helps us read it faster and easier, as opposed to reading...

              Feedback (not regarding your website): Try to add breaks to your paragraphs when you comment or post something. Like this. It is just an empty line but it helps us read it faster and easier, as opposed to reading...

            2. 1

              :) Don't be hard on yourself! People are forgiving. Especially if you're being helpful to them. The only thing for us to do is keep improving one step at a time.

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