Ideas and Validation July 1, 2020

Release notes! How do you do them?


Hey all,

I'm working on a small prototype for an idea I've had after seeing how we manage our release notes at work.

For wider validation, I'm looking for some general information regarding how you founders/creators/developers manage your release notes for your own products.

  • Do you consider release notes important for your products? Why / why not?
  • How do you produce your release notes?
  • Do you have any pain points around creating/managing release notes?
  • Would you be interested in a service that could auto generate a starting template for each release note using git commit info?

Any other points of interest/feedback related to the topic is also welcome!


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    Hi @andywritescode and @tbird I only just joined indiehackers and this is my first post :)

    I've been working on a solution to automate the generation and search of release notes for the past couple years. I should have my MVP ready within the next couple months. The link is

    The goal of my solution is to provide the following benefits to the end user

    • Save Time, Effort and Money
    • Increase customer retention
    • Reduce customer churn
    • Help build sustainable growth
    • Improve defensibility around your solution
    • Encourage customer engagement & community
    • Reduce feedback loop
    • Easy integration
    • Fully automated release notes

    Please let me know what you think!

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    I found this question after posting the same. But didn't get much reply. In end user perspective, release notes are still important for some products. Have you completed your prototype. I thought to do one. :)

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