Releasing my content promotion app to IH for free 🎇🎇🎇

Hey everyone, I built this project I call supercontent about a year back. I was using it to manage promoting my technical blog while I was riding the bus to and from my office. I still use it often for lots of different projects.

Today I thought "it's just sitting here, why not let IH use it for free?"

So, I cleaned it up a bit for you all. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but maybe you'll find it useful.

Pretty simple concept:

  • Content is anything you want to share. Maybe it's a blog post you wrote. Maybe it's a tweet you're trying to promote.
  • Channels are places you can share your Content. IndieHackers is a channel. /r/entrepreneur is a channel. ProductHunt is a channel. Anywhere you can share your link & promote your awesome product is a Channel!
  • Tasks are.. well, they are tasks you need to complete. For each piece of Content that you create, you choose which Channels you want to promote it to. Then you have a Task to share the Content on that Channel.

Here's a quick video demo of the app

And here's a link to the app: http://supercontent.matix.io.

If you like it, leave me some love here and on Twitter.

Hope it's useful for you!

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    From what I can see, it's an app to help you manage where you publish your content after you've created your content?

    I also need help finding a place where I can organize ideas for content. So what if you added "Topics"? Then, be able list all the types of Content I would want to create for that topic (ie. Video, blog post, landing page, podcast interview, etc). Then I could tag each piece of content to a specific channel. And then it would be helpful if I could have tasks for each topic, each content item, and each channel. (After logging into your app, I couldn't find how to add a task. Maybe it's after I list content? I still need to create my content so I don't see how I could use your app until after I finish any content)

    Thanks for sharing your app! I definitely need help in the content side of projects that I work on so I appreciate the thought and organization around this topic. It's a very valid space for an app like yours.

    1. 1

      And thank you for the suggestions on content planning. I've got some ideas to re-structure the app with a focus on Campaigns, where a Campaign involves planning + distribution. Will keep you in mind if I get that created!

    2. 1

      Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

      The tasks are a bit confusing to find right now, you're right. This was definitely just thrown together as something I could use.. and it needs a lot of UX / UI work to make it easier to use.

      Tasks are populated as follows:

      1. Visit the Content section
      2. Click a piece of Content (it has to have already been created.. if you're on the new Content form, save the content then click back into it)
      3. There's a blue "Change which Channels you want to share this Content on" button
      4. After you click that, you'll see a checklist pop up. Every Channel you check off will create a new task for you to complete
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    I tried to take a look but it appears the video doesn't work. Also your site gives me a big SSL warning. It appears the host in the certificate isn't the same as the domain of your page.

    1. 1

      Shoot my bad, there is no cert set up and i put an https link. Link is fixed now, looking into the video.

      1. 2

        Took another look. Very handy tool. At first I thought it linked into those channels API to publish them automatically - which would be epic. But can imagine the different content layouts might make automating that slightly difficult.

        1. 1

          Yeah I've thought a bit about automating things. The best I've come up with would be to hook up with Zapier / IFTTT / etc.

          Even then it comes with challenges. For example, if you're pushing content to Twitter, you have tweet length limitations. But maybe you want a tweet storm? Maybe you want to add some media to your post?

          But I think at least it would help people automate a little bit, so I'm considering building that out.

          1. 1

            Thanks for having another look!

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