Research-as-a-service products

"Research as a service” products that organize information in a way that lets people make quicker, more informed decisions are super interesting and seem ideal for indie hackers.


  • nomadlist.com helps people decide where to move to next
  • keyvalues.com helps engineers decide which teams to consider joining
  • nerdwallet.com helps people pick the right credit card
  • pageflows.com (my site) helps designers map out their user flows
  • theorg.com helps sales teams map out organizational structures so they have a better of who to contact, pitch to etc.

Benefits when compared to SaaS

  • Technically easier to build (a spreadsheet is usually enough for an MVP)
  • Some marketing built in (in the form of long-tail SEO)
  • Value compounds as more research/content is added

I wrote more about this here: https://rocketgems.com/blog/developer-content-businesses/

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