October 21, 2019

Research: How often do you use mockup generators and why do you use them?

Christian Lutz @ChristianLutz

Hey IndieHackers!

Currently I do a bit a research about mockup creating software and I would like to know, how often do you use such generators?
Also I'd like to know, which one do you use and why do you use them?

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    I don’t, at all. I have tried dozens over the years but have always found that:

    • I can design a flat mockup in Photoshop 5x faster
    • I can just start building the interface in HTML/CSS and probably get it done just as fast
    • I hate doing work 2x, and that is what most mockup generators feel like.
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      Ah, I get your point.
      Maybe we dont talk about the same topic.

      Look at https://screely.com.

      That is what I'm talking about.
      Maybe I wasn't clear enough.
      Sorry for that.

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        Ah, I get it. So basically a wrapper for a system UI?

        It looks cool, but I probably would never use this since it can be done more realistically in PS in a couple minutes (just screenshot my own desktop and paste a mockup inside?

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          I would say this website could do it faster. Also, you dont need photoshop if you use this. I did a bit of keyword research and a lot of people search for something like that.

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            That makes sense. However I would venture to guess everyone doing UI mockups like this has PS already, so it's not like they'd buy it just to put a wrapper around it.

            My instinct is that something like this would not be very valuable to me personally (and I would never pay for this) but that is just my personal reaction and may very well not be the opinion of the majority.

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              Yeah, you're right. I thought or think the same way. For a product that's free, it is okay but you don't save a lot of time. If you do more mockups, you may have photoshop in the first place.

              Only automation would make sense somehow I think.
              Automatic screenshots of changed websites or something like that. But who would use that?

              Some other opinions would we perfect.

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                The only way I would see this being truly valuable is in an API form for an app comparison/review type website. A website like alternative.to or something, where it can automatically generate thumbnails from websites etc.

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                  Hmmm, hard to decide...

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