May 14, 2019

RESOLVED: Anyone offer a service to transition a back end from Heroku to AWS?

Janice @Janice

I'm seriously short on time to figure this out, but have cash I can throw at this task... Any leads appreciated.

@anuragg and Render came to my rescue with a monthly cost savings of $88 per month and migration was seamless!

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    If cost is a big concern, I'd recommend trying Render. I'm the founder. For comparison, 2 GB RAM will cost you $250 on Heroku, and $15 on Render.

    Render is at least as easy as Heroku, and does not require you to DIY everything as with AWS. Both Indie Hackers and Key Values run on Render!

    And I'd be happy to help with the transition. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

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      Render looks incredible. Might give this a try.

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      Who can resist this offer? Similar ease of use with a cheaper price tag? Yes, please!

      Half of my costs are coming from Heroku Postgres Standard - $50 (4GB RAM). Would migration to Render reduce this cost?

      And does Render offer pipelines deployments starting with Github? Would Render be suitable for both my front end and back end? Integration with Cloudinary? GUI add-on for the DB? (The GUI I can live without, though it is a nice-to-have.)

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        You can run both your frontend and backend on Render. Our databases start from $5/month. I'll follow up over email.

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    I have performed this a number of times, but if you don't have the skills available for the transition, what is your plan for when something breaks?

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      Part of the deal would be a walkthrough of the migration as well as how to implement CD. I have deployed to AWS previously. But with a much more lightweight set up. However with all the side hustles + day gig, I'd rather spend my time else where and leverage someone else's expertise for an optimal set up.

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    To go against the crowd here, I'd recommend not doing this until you absolutely have to. I've done this a few times of moving one cloud provider to another for my employers - but if Heroku is currently working, it saves a lot of hassle!

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      It's quite costly. I'm spending significantly more than I would like!

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    Might be worth mentioning the tech stack being used.

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      Node, Postgres, Sequelize

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    In case you change your mind and decide to go at it yourself, I wrote an article on deploying a Rails app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk:

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      Thanks for the resource!

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    Why're you switching from Heroku? Just curious

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      Money. Heroku is 💰!

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    Why fix something that is not broken?

    On a sidenote. That's exactly why I self-manage all of my servers and of my clients. Tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible help a great deal with various tasks.

    Avoid deployments that will get you into vendor lock in. A lesson I've learned the hard way with Google AppEngine.

    Anyway, what's your stack and why are you migrating?

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    Hey Harlem, just send me all the details at veerrajawat(at)cdnsol(dot)com. I am more than 10 years of experienced and can do it smoothly, lets discuss further , looking for your message

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      Beautiful! I'll send the deets by end of week! Thanks!

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        Hi Harlem, Hope you doing well, You were supposed to send me details of your requirements last week, so i am still waiting please update me on it

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        Thanks for quick response, will wait , or it would be better if we can schedule a spot on calendar for further discussion through any other channel or way

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    Feel free to email me details, I could at least break the task down. I don't know if I have the time to do it necessarily: dd + indie (at)

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      Awesome! Thanks! I'll send the deets be end of week!

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    What is your current setup like? How many services are you running? What database are you using, etc

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      Pipeline with CD beginning with Github. Two services, a GUI for DB and Cloudinary for image management. Postgres/Sequelize.

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    I've built and run a number of products on Heroku, transitioning some of them off to AWS/GCP. The $ made the transitions seem worth it, but when shit broke... I definitely wish I had been paying Heroku still.

    I've heard it said that if you're under 1000 req/sec, it probably doesn't make sense to move away from Heroku, and to focus on performance instead.

    That being said, have you checked out Cloud66? It allows you to pick your IaaS and helps with the tedious lifting. I've used them in the past with good success.

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