March 8, 2019

Resources and strategies for growing a SaaS business

Marin Gerov @maringerov

Hi, this is Marin from DULO. This week our podcast interview with Foti Panagio from Growthmentor, a mentorship-as-a-service business, came out.

Foti started Growthmentor together with his wife and they are bootstrapping the whole thing. Based out of Athens, Greece, they are building a place where marketers and entrepreneurs (for now) can ask questions to vetted mentors with experience in specific tools and areas of marketing. Foti shared a very interesting story of starting the company, as a means to solve his own problem. During our chat, he also shared a lot of useful resources and links that will be useful if you are working on building an online business and brand. The topic of growth marketing was covered quite in detail.

Some of the things we covered:

  • How Foti validated the idea for Growthmentor
  • Transitioning from a full-time job to part-time entrepreneurship
  • Balancing family and co-founder relationship with a spouse
  • Resources and techniques for starting and growing a business
  • How does Foti go around selecting mentors for the platform

Get the full list of topics and useful resources here. Or watch the whole thing on YouTube here.


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