March 14, 2019

resources for creating professional screencasts?


Hi! I'm interested in improving the gifs explaining how to use my product - Caeli is a note-taking tool available on desktop and mobile web. I'd like to create better gifs for both versions to put on our landing page.

What tools do you use to create and edit screencasts (without audio)? Do you know of any good courses or tutorials for advanced screencasting?

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    thank you! Does anyone have relevant courses or books they'd recommend?

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    I use OBS for recording and Shotcut for editing. Both are free, cross-platform and open source.

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    Personally I prefer videos with sound and a human touch.

    I made you a really quick example:

    This was recorded with my (almost complete) screen-recording tool...

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      very interesting, thank you David! Interested to see your product

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        I'm releasing it on Monday- I made my first pre-sale today so I'll give you a message then :)

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    Hi Cara - I've used Camtasia by TechSmith ( The software includes a screen recorder and an editing studio. It's pretty intuitive right out of the box, but they also have some instructional videos on their website.

    Good luck with your product!

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