Developers July 6, 2020

Responsively - Develop responsive web apps 5x faster!

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    I recently started using which does the same thing but in a paid app. This looks like a solid free alternative, but definitely seems less polished than Sizzy.

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    Cant believe I only started using this recently!

    Will check out Polypane too, thanks @Kilian

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    Is this just adjusting the viewport, or is it rendering as each browser?

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    I started out building Polypane in the summer of 2015, launched the beta in 2017 and launched publicly in May of last year. Since then competitors have come out copying many of the features I pioneered, Responsively included.

    None of them are keeping up though. If you're looking for a browser that does everything Responsively (or any of the other competitors) does, but also has built-in live reloading, accessibility checking, a unified element inspector (meaning you can edit elements in all screens at the same time!), social media previews, CSS breakpoint detection, visual impairment simulators and much more, then please check out my solo, indie-developed app Polypane :)