May 16, 2019

Restarting a Failed Project


Hey Guys!

About a year ago when I first started to learn code, I launched a product that got no where. I feel the product has merit but it looked terrible and didn't work great.

Should I give this product another try with my new skills and experience (SEO, Marketing etc..)

Thanks ! :)

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    Test your idea to check if it comes from the product or it comes from the fact the market does not exist ^^
    Giving it another try is never lost as you'll probably learn many things, but try to setup a landing page (a complete one) to introduce your project before spending weeks on building it :)

    My pov of course ^^

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      Thanks for the landing page idea (never thought of that for validating the idea) and the advice!

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        Np sir :P Dont hesitate to post it on indiehackers so we can give you feedbacks :) (and, will never stop to spam it xD)

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