April 15, 2019

RetargetKit - Grow your custom audience on your ad platforms from every link you share on social media

I recently made a product on ad platforms retargeting pixel. The problem I tried to solve is Retargeting a content hosted on a third-party website.

You can write a content of your product on a third-party website and share the URL in your social media accounts. Your visitors will click the link, read your post, and leave. You will have no chance to get back to them. You can’t remarket your product/post to those visitors.

One way you can solve this issue by installing your ad platforms retargeting pixel on a third-party website. But third-party websites don’t allow this.

Let’s say, If you are a regular writer on Medium or an affiliate marketer or a seller on Amazon or a representer of a company or your own company, then my tool will help you in many ways.


With my tool, you can shorten the long URL of your third-party website content with retargeting pixels and turn it into a retargeted link. All you need to do is share the new shorten link in your social media account. Once this link is clicked by any of your visitor, we’ll notify your ad platforms. Now you can make them your custom audience on your ad platforms and show them your targeted ads for remarketing of your product.

The prominent features are:

👉 Growing your custom audience on your ad platforms

👉 Turning short URL into your own branded link to promote your brand

👉 Managing long URL & retargeting pixels

👉 Analyzing every retargeted link you share

It is very easy to use as the UI is very easy, simple and flexible. Take a look at it and please let me know how it is.

website link: https://retargetkit.com