May 25, 2019

Revised: I charge for something which doesn't exist...

Stefan Wuthrich @altafino

Yes, I deployed yesterday a new Release on my Full-Stack Developer Jobs Board, where I introduce a Freemium Model for Job Posts charging some money for a feature which don't exist.

I'm a Scammer and btw a crazy one, which posts this here in public?

Well, a bit crazy I must be to be a Maker / IndieHacker... but that's another story.

The point is that I learned a lot on IH and on the great Maker Community page MakerLog and related sites and even in a day job as leader of software teams doing software for the telecom industry, and that is:

Check the market First before implementing features I think they must be precious for my future or existing customers.

So... My Freemium Model has two Packages, the Free one, which has the same features as the actual implementation can handle. And then the new, Pro Package, which is paid, which offers extra features like showing company logo, featured listing (on top for x days), etc.

Some of these Pro-Perks have to be implemented first. Some are straightforward ones like showing logo and not so simple ones, like time-based featuring.

So I decided not to implement them as part of it I can apply very fast, as soon I have a first paying customer and others I can handle first manually until it is implemented.

The same decision I did about payment. I could implement full payment flow etc. right now or, as I did, wait with that and handle it manually for first customers sending Strip invoices.

Now I hope very much that soon I have a bit of controlled stress to implement all these features :-)

Wanna stress me? Or looking for a Full-Stack Developer Job or wanna build your free Online Resume as Developer Candidate?

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    Interesting, I love home MVP this is - great way to approach things if you know you can respond quickly when needed.

    Actually it's similar in many places I've worked over the years, but slightly expanded timeframes i.e. sales will get a big contract in by promising we have a couple of features that we don't have yet (that they know are in the pipeline anyway) and then once the client goes into proper contract negotiations those features get rushed through for delivery when the new clients contract starts

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      Hey Chris.
      Yeah, I think it really makes sense. Even in, as you wrote, in "normal companies".
      But... When it's purely sales driven, and not PO drove it can get in the wrong direction. I see this at my day job, where I have senior PO role and have to take a lot of care of sales guys selling stuff which is not really fitting with the road map. Then, with a quiet complex software, it can get at least complex to handle it. But in general, I fully agree. The only "attention" I would like to put is on sales (sometimes vs) product thinking

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        Yeah definitely, I've experienced that too, sales making promises that just aren't deliverable in the available time! Normally where I work now there is a direct line of communication between sales, product and customer support on any functionality they're looking to offer the client to help close a deal, but even then things slip through!

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    Yeah, the IH/Maker way. Makes just sense

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    good look with your new features!

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      Thanks :-)