Landing Page Feedback September 28, 2020

Revisited landing page for decent . social

cri @cridev

After some great suggestions both on IndieHackers and Twitter I took some time to improve the landing page.

What do you think?

Check it out here

Privacy-friendly Twitter Reader
Decent is an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience

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    1. The idea looks interesting, and it's likely you can deliver your message with even less text on the first screen! Do you think it can be minimized for better conversion?
    2. There are a couple of lines with Github and code inside. As a non-coder user, it freaks me out :) What is your target audience for the product?
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      Hey, thank you!

      1. Most likely I can simplify some text and even remove it
      2. My target audience are privacy-aware Twitter users that want to have a more pleasant and ethical experience (no ads, promoted tweets, user profiling, useless “suggestions”)

      Do you think this makes sense? Are you interested in Decent perhaps?

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        1. Nice! E.g. the text after "that ends now" is either a duplication of what is already mentioned above or questionable regarding the informative value for the customer
        2. Makes total sense! If you are targeting a broader audience (not just coders), maybe it could be beneficial to make the product a bit more user-friendly? I.e. how the customer is supposed to try it if he/she does not code?
          Did you try to conduct UX interviews with your potential customers re what is in their minds when they see your landing?
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          1. How would you phrase it differently? I need to sit down and think about it more, thank you
          2. Maybe what is confusing is the CLI on the landing page.. I can try to get rid of it to make it more "friendly" and less "coder"-oriented.

          No UX interviews done, since I don't have a product ready, the demo on the landing is an example of what it could be.
          Regarding the landing page I didn't either do UX interviews, I a developer and wouldn't know where to get started with this. WIll look more into UX interviews, thanks for the suggestions!

          Right now I'm in validation phase trying to see if such a tool could alleviate their privacy-concerns and make their reading experience better (no ads, distractions etc.)

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            1. Just thinking out loud (of course worth testing with a potential target segment):
              "Decent is an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience
              Tired of ads, suggestions, promoted tweets?
              [Get free early access]"

            2. Now as you've replaced it with some visuals, looks quite nice!

            Regarding interviews to validate the underlining hypotheses - totally understand you, I'm not so good at them, too. I've recently seen an IH marketplace to find a researcher who can help with it as well, maybe you could find it useful as well

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              Thanks! Updated the landing with your suggestions!

              BTW, the Conversion rate for Signups has been awesome, around 15%+ !

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                Great conversion, congrats!

                And good luck with your project :)

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    I don't quite understand what's that scrolling thing on the right of the headline. Is it a preview of the reader?

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      Yes! It should resemble your Twitter timeline, it was the first thing that came to my mind when thinking about showing a preview of the reader

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    Hi Cri!

    Good to see you made changes to the landing page. I think you nailed it now! I really love the minimalistic look of it. Nice work!

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