Landing Page Feedback April 7, 2020

Roast kmdr - A browser extension that breaks down and explains Linux commands

Eddie Ramirez @ediardo

Hey guys 👋

We'd love to hear what you think about our landing page How can we get our messaging right? What would you add or remove?


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    Awesome job.

    This is my go-to
    Other one is tldr

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      Hi @horizontech,

      Thank you! kmdr is inspired in ExplainShell. We use an advanced parser for analyzing bash code that spans multiple lines and more complex constructs that ExplainShell can't do. Also, we source command/options definitions from custom-made JSON files (similar to OpenAPI/Swagger spec) instead of manual pages, these files make easy to edit/add definitions and support for git-style subcommands (docker, kubectl, npm, go, etc)

      Let me know if you want to try out the browser extension. I can send you an invite to your email address. :)


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    More intuitive than the man command.

    Congrats 👏

    Good luck

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      Hi, Thank you!

      Hopefully, the website will help others see the value too.