[ROAST] MistralCSS Build faster with +100 HQ Tailwind CSS 2.0 components (First Pre-sale customer 🥳 ! )

Hey 👋

MistralCSS provides pre-made TailwindCSS components to kickstart all your products.

It's 'similar' to TailwindUI, but cheaper and I've created a built-in customization system to create unlimited variations of any component! Choose your color schema, dark/light mode, copy the code and you're done. Yup, it's THAT easy :


With MistralCSS you can create unlimited web designs and ship your product faster ⚡. All the components are responsive, well commented and TaiwindCSS 2.x ready. ☺

I'm still in the stage where I need to validate my product with some pre-sales. And in 24 hours, I already made one pre-sale 🥳 !

But I'm curious about your feedback? What do you think about the Landing Page? And what about the idea?

👉 mistralcss.com

Cheers ✌

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