Beta Testing March 27, 2020

👨‍🍳 Roast my App - Beta testers

Ruben @Ruben88

Looking for some folks that want to do a test run of my app.

  • How is the onboarding?
  • Is everything clear?
  • What can be improved?
  • Is installing giving you problems?

As appreciation and if you like it, I am happy to give out a sweet discount or free period.

Thanks in advance!

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    Match the styling with your color scheme.

    Cool idea. First I would take your own advice on the landing page. The white buttons on white background is hard on the eyes.


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      Thanks for your comment! Do you mean the white buttons that open after clicking the Boei button?

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        Yes, it has the purple stripe on the right, but overall the buttons blend in too much.

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          Ok thanks. Will look into this!

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    Visually the landing page looks great.

    The message that the product solves is presented in a clear manner.

    I'm not qualified to judge the business problem that you are solving, but it seems reasonable to me. My only concern would maybe be if there's a lot of existing competition in the same problem space.

    I think the naming of the pricing categories should be changed, because it makes the product seems less "serious" and professional. Also, my first impression was that the "body builder" pricing category was more expensive, but reading it in details it's actually a discount.

    Maybe adding some testimonials would give it more social proof, and thus increasing conversions?

    I haven't tried registering or installing the product, so this is more a first impression kind of thing. However, as a potential user, I would like to know how to install it, before registering. Maybe add a short guide, or a code snippet that demonstrates it.

    Good luck with the product!

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      Thanks for your review!
      I have taken your comments into account and updated the pricing, hope it is more clear like this.
      For installation, I have added a link to the docs. Installation depends on someones platform.
      I would like to add testimonials but I don't have users yet 😅

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        The pricing looks much better now, and it gives a much more professional impression than the original version.

        Could it be that you would have more users if the on-boarding process was simpler, and perhaps didn't require registration?

        That way users could simply copy and paste the setup code to try it out. You could show a text in the Boei menu that it's currently running in demo mode, and that it requires a registration in order to be configured, and for all features to be available.

        I think that would probably increase beta testers, and eventually lead to more conversions, because your on-boarding process would be almost frictionless :-)

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          Think you are right! Just updated the sign up page to allow for what you say. What do you think of it now? Is it better?

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            The process is a lot better now, and I think it leads the user very well into actually trying the product, and eventually registering.

            However, when I try the generated snippet on a project I'm working on, I don't see any boei button on my site. Does it require a valid domain name? Does it support localhost for local development?

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              Hej @jonbern, just added a "feature" that enables testing on localhost. Basically you set a variable which domain name you want to load. Can you see if it is working well and is clear like this?

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                I think it's a good feature, and it works well if you already have a domain name and a site deployed to production.

                The documentation and instructions were clear to me at least.

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                  Great, thanks for checking. It is the first time I'm writing documentation, so quite new in this

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              Cool good to hear its better!
              Yes that is possible but you indeed need to set up your domain name because that is how the script recognizes which button to pick.
              For localhost testing, that is a good point. That is not ready yet because otherwise you get the button of someone else. I will make an update for that so you can test on localhost beforehand with a small addition.

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                What happens if you use someone else's domain name? Could that cause problems for them?

                If you would use a generated "AppID" that's difficult to guess that would be less of a problem. Also, you could use the same AppID for your localhost development without the requirement of having a domain name yet, and without doing any special code or configuration for localhost.

                Do you think that makes sense?

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                  There is no problem, because you need to install the Boei code also on the website. It is also not possible to add a domain name twice, so after the owner claimed it, it is ok.

                  Interesting, because that was exactly how I had it before. Point is, that this makes installation for many folks more difficult. Now I have a generic code that can be installed even with a simple plugin (for example for Wordpress).
                  What do you think?