Landing Page Feedback September 29, 2020

ROAST My Final (SHIT) Landing page

Louis Tromans @LouTromans

Has anyone pissed you off recently? Now is the time to vent out all that anger on my last ever shit landing page.

Indiehacker's shittest landing page Spread is being deleted and completely overhauled for the GIANT re-launch.

This is probably the last chance you will ever get to witness the world's shittest landing page that actually converts. (450+ signups in the last few months)

I'm asking you guys to ROAST THE FUCK out of it, and to also comment on what you liked so that I know what to keep for the real landing page design...

ROAST ME: Spread

  1. 4

    I remember this page, it's like - where do we start? Here's the most straightforward & evilest 😈 roasting I can do.

    ❌ Not appealing graphically
    ❌ The flow chart makes no sense, you can start here from anywhere?
    ❌ Design looking like my 4 yo niece was the consultant you hired to advise you on how to make a website
    ❌ Terrible textsize and font choices
    ❌ Logo that looks like you got it off Word 97's clipart database ( ask @dagorenouf for some advice)
    ❌ H1 seems too good to be true, smells like bullshit from where I sit
    ❌ There's two CTA that say the same thing with different colors - nice in-page AB testing lmao yeah right
    ❌ There's literally the text the size of an ant and I can barely read any of it on a big screen.
    ❌ No pricing, no about page, no social media, no links on your social proof testimonials so probs doubting they said that

    but does it make sense what you're offering? yup - if this is real, would it be a game changer for any content producer out there who is trying to multi-channel the shit out of their clickbait content?

    when are you launching - for real lol

    1. 1

      I DIED AT THIS LMFAOOOOOO - "Design looking like my 4 yo niece was the consultant you hired to advise you on how to make a website"

      Thank you for roasting the shit out of me. I will use everything you said in the next redesign.

      Launching for real in the next few weeks/month.

      Did you sign up for the BETA?

      1. 1

        No I didn't sign-up because something tells me I will hear from you on another thread soon enough, so I am just waiting it out

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    I don’t really get it. Sure the page doesn’t look remarkable but what matters is that the copy is crystal clear. The product seems awesome and it made me want to sign up. Every thing else is noise. Curious for the redesign still!

    1. 1

      Made you want to sign up - but you didn't. What stopped you? and why?

      The redesign will be much prettier, with similar copy. Glad you liked the copy. Took me months to make that clear. Very hard with a new product tho.

      1. 1

        Yeah copy is hard! What stopped me is simply that we are not working on content right now, but plan to start early next year. And I don't want to sign up for things I don't use right away.

        1. 3

          @dagorenouf you were supposed to link Lou to some article where you show why he needs one of your logos ;)

          1. 1

            Haha thanks for the hook up! This might surprise you but, even though my whole business is selling logos, I don't think it's necessary when people start their product. I think it can be an amazing thing to have, but the most important thing is product product product. I'm actually working on a way to get people a slick looking brand for free when they're still at the MVP stage... That said, @LouTromans if you're looking for a professional logo for your next landing page iteration, we actually have some original fire design in our marketing section. That + nicer colors and font would go a long way and doesn't take much to implement. Check it out!

            spread logos from logology

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    This is the best thing you can do to make sure your next lander LANDS.

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