Roast my idea: Rotation management for small and medium teams

Hello! 👋

Managing team rotations can be challenging, especially when your teammates often override each other, or go for vacations, or quit (or new team members come).

Idea: build a service to simplify the process of managing team role rotations.
Btw, I've built a simple landing page to test the idea – https://rotate-landing.onrender.com/

Would love to hear your feedback about this.

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    When I hear about rotation I remember on-call rotations on PagerDuty and my stomach is starting to shrink. x_x

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      @nyku I feel the same, the connotation of this word is not sometimes positive for engineers.

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    Interesting idea, it’s not a problem I have as a freelancer but I like the product concept.

    Don’t be discouraged but people who say “are you sure enough people need this”. Think more about how you can reach the people that need this, however few that is.

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      Thank you, Colin!

      I'm thinking about different areas where the problem of managing repeatable rotations can be a pain. Have you experienced this in any of other areas while being a freelancer?

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    I like the design. I think there might be companies that need this. I didn't work in teams where we would rotate so I don't have anything else to say unfortunately.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Josef!

      That's, to be honest, my very first serious design work, truly appreciate your feedback.

      Have you experienced any issues with understanding the value proposition? I'm curious if the landing page can/should be improved.

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        As far as understanding the service goes, the page explains it perfectly. I already got it after the first part.

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    I am most software companies need it beyond incident reporting and IT support. You can set rotation policy in most of the incident reporting and support ticketing software, like pagerduty.
    There might be other industry segments where rotation does make sense, like https://wheniwork.com is used for managing shift in restaurants and supermarkets. But shift management for brick-n-mortar businesses is a highly contested space, and you probably need a traditional salesman approach make sales.

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      Indeed, Sourav, that's a very competitive area, and as you correctly mentioned, requires a different approach.

      I second your opinion on that companies might need rotation management in combination with on-call schedules, otherwise, it might not make any sense for them to have yet another tool. However, my thinking is that Rotate brings value for small and medium teams (say, < 20 people), where implementing on-call is not needed, but the pain of managing non-on-call rotations is still there.

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    Might be a good idea yes, but not sure people are often looking for solutions.
    I think PagerDuty does this already, so it's a good sign that there's indeed a market for that.

    In my org, they use a 20 year old system based on access. At some point, they're bound to change it with something new :)

    Found a few more:

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      Thanks, Sébastien!

      Now I think I'm getting to a thought that the value my landing page communicates is not clear. :)

      Rotate does not compete as an on-call tool, rather it is simple rotation management without any integrations and on-call features.

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    Are you sure enough companies have this problem and are willing to pay for it? I didn't even know that this problem existed. I know stuff like pagerduty exists which is similar.

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      That's what I'm trying to find out, Steven!

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