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    I would ditch the entire set of testimonials at the top, the ones at the bottom are much better and I don't know what it is yet and here I am reading testimonials already. Under the heading: "Track Anything" delete the first sentence "More than just a mood tracker." It's not really a sentence and nobody said anything about mood tracking. Maybe add a sentence that lists use cases to spur a visitor's imagination for what they can track. LIke "track anything from...x...to y....to z" Add things like dieting/snacking, weight lifting reps, cigarettes smoked/cessation, etc. but stick to suggestions in the area of health. I need to have the thought "what would I track?" so I can identify my own use case(s). Change "further features" to "Additional features" and don't use a line break, you have the width. The "Upcoming Features" title should be in the same color scheme as the logo with the same blue/purple gradient. Your call to action at the bottom is way too weak - don't say "get started" say something like "It's time to start tracking the things in life that matter most to you and your well-being. Get started today". Keep the words "Get Started as a heading, increase the size of the font to match your other headings (like "track anything" at the top of the page), and then under it add my sentence or your own CTA in the same font size that "get started" is using now so it has added visual punch. Maybe in the outro/CTA section, you can add one more phone graphic on the left with the CTA text on the right and under that the download button. If your app has a splash screen or main screen show it there because all the other shots, even the first one, show the internals of the app. This will help them mentally recognize it as being what they expected after download. The image should be the first screen they will see when they launch it to close the mental loop.

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      Thanks for this detailed response! Sorry I didn’t reply straight away I had a lot pop up in my life at the time. I’ve got lots of great feedback from this post and going to create some tickets for changes and work on them, cheers!

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    A couple of things come to mind:

    • Value proposition isn't clear from the Hero screen
    • There's too much text....everywhere
    • The two testimonial sections are a bit of an overkill and both look like "fake" testimonials. Assuming that they are real, I would stick with the look and feel of the second section. Also, when discussing testimonials you ideally want to highlight one feature at a time (i.e. you have so many testimonials saying that the app is simple: We get it. It's simple to use. No need to repeat it 5 times)
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      Thanks for your feedback! 😬

      In trying to address the value proposition issue, I’m wondering what you thought the value proposition was after you read the whole page?

      Will reduce the text!

      That’s a good insight, I will find some testimonials that cover more variety. It is tricky though because the app is still new

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        I actually am not sure what the value proposition is. It's a tracker for all sorts of things from what I can tell.

        I suggest following this format:


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    No explanation of where the data will come from. Does it integrate with my phone to track my exercise? Mentions health integration as an upcoming feature but no idea how I would get enough data into the app for the machine learning to kick in.

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    Just created my first landing page for my app, #trackit. Give it to me IH.

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