Landing Page Feedback March 25, 2020

Roast My Landing Page - BurpeeHero

Ben Noland @bennoland

Any feedback on the video or overall app idea is also welcome.

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    If you're going to mass blast the page out there to validate the idea, I would recommend spicing up the design a bit. I would hate for that to hinder your creditability, because I honestly really love the idea. It's a super fresh take on fitness gamification I haven't see yet, so kudos for thinking outside of the box. Definitely keep the community updated if you choose to move forward with this.

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    I like the simplicity of the page. I can understand it pretty well. Also, the hand-drawn prototype is an excellent way to validate the idea before building.

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    Landing page comes across as an MVP, which is fine IMO.

    If you're strapped for time, you could whip up something in Squarespace (or smth similar) to quickly have a landing page that looks a little less vanilla html.

    But it seems to me like you're just trying to validate demand. If that's the case then asking for feedback on the landing page is the wrong priority. In that case, you should only try to prove your hypothesis: There's demand for this burpee app.

    Rooting for you chief <3


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      Yes, I guess you are right. I am just trying to prove demand for the app and maybe build a little bit of an email list so I can recruit some beta testers.

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        If you're trying to make money with this I would recommend trying to validate that people are willing to pay for this. I.e. That there's a 'there' there.

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    How do you want to exactly pull it off from a technical side? Very interesting.

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      I'll build the iOS app myself using swift/UIKit. I'll use Firebase for the backend. Same stack I used for my previous app and it worked pretty well.

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        I meant more like how does the app know that you've really made a Burpee.

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          I see. It's self reported. Someone could just totally lie, but if you're gonna do that why not play a real game?

          At later levels, there may be an option to get "verified" by posting videos of some of your workouts, but we'll see if that's needed.

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            People will cheat and it will discourage the fair players. This will probably break the app, so if I would be in your place I would ensure that the burpees someone has done are legit.

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    Hey Ben, congrats on the launch. I'm recently redoing my landing page, and I found this guide very helpful:
    I'll use it to give feedback on your landing page.


    • Clear and understandable.
    • It doesn't talk about what value I would get from doing burpees. Is it just to level up this game character? How does it help the end user?


    • There we go, now I understand why I should do burpees. To make progress in the game. Getting burpee credits is interesting, and so is improving real life fitness. Which benefits are most important? Should probably put them first.


    • Typically, a video is not recommended (according to the guide). This is because if someone isn't interested by your header, then they won't look at the video, if the video is all that's there. It's easier to skim through a webpage of features than to skim through a video.
    • Instead of a video, having a list of features would reduce the work of a potential customer in understanding your product.

    I hope this helps.

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      Thanks, that does help.

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