Landing Page Feedback January 17, 2020

Roast My Landing Page

Trent Guillory @trentguillory

Just set up my landing page yesterday at Would love feedback.

Also, the https is pending. I know that "Not Secure" doesn't look great.


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    I can understand your idea very quickly. Only thing stopping me is privacy concerns. You say it's "private" but I don't think that's enough to reassure me to trust a random/new app with my private intimate moments. Maybe highlight the privacy features without getting into too much technical jargon? Heck that could be one of your unique selling points.

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      This is a great point! I'll see if I can dig into what makes it truly private without being tech-y. Great feedback!

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    Super cool. Really good idea.

    Feedback for the product: I may want to actually let some things public, but in "read-only mode", so people (like family and friends) can check it if they have the link, or something like that.

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      I've been toying with this idea and totally see where you're coming from. A few design hurdles to overcome in that, of course. I currently have it easy in the fact that I don't have to explain to people the difference in post types, read/write, or permissions - it's just all private. But... yes... I am certainly thinking this over.

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        Let me at least give you my use case:

        In my case, I live ~300km away from my family, so, the main way the are on-sync with my life, is checking my social networks. There they see where I'm going to have fun, when I meet with friends, etc. I mostly use social networks (instagram, aminly) for keeping on sync my family.

        Now I'm single, hehe, but I'm 100% sure that I would use your app in case that AT LEAST it automatically upload the photos to Facebook (similar to what Instagram does when you upload a photo).

        Good luck!

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    Looks great! Link & text refers to TWIG but domain is journalforcouples ?

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      Great question. I plan to double down on the search term "journal for couples." Exact domain match goes a long way of course. I'll likely get something twig-related for the future, but not much practical need now.

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        Maybe I'm missing something - is TWIG a thing or just your favourite name.

        Also have you considered this for families? As kids get older they are desperate to join snapchat etc which is a real concern. Maybe a family-album version could work. No evidence. Just a suggestion.

        Best of luck.

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    Hi Trent, this looks awesome 3 quick thoughts.

    1. “https is pending” — That was my first thought! I typically recommend CloudFlare but Netlify works great too.

    2. The messaging is great. The purpose and target user is apparent from the first four words “Shared Journal for Couples” and from the apt domain name. The design of the landing page and the app screenshots exudes professionalism.

    3. I would love to see more about how this can be a “private space”. Doesn’t have to be on the landing page per se, but if we could click in and learn about how you keep private moments secure and a “we don’t track you” business plan the app could be more enticing for potential users.

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      Thanks for diving in on the feedback here. #3 especially means a lot to me. Sounds like the general consensus here (and outside of IH) is that I could better define what private means.

      Plus, I can see how the few screenshots don't go far. Use-cases or stories or something may go further to explain it.

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    There’s nothing to roast. Well played.

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      Haha, thank you very much.

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    Congratulations on the launch, Trent. Looks great. The only suggestion I would have is you have "All right reserved" rather than "rights" at the bottom of the page - no biggie, though. Good luck!

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      Didn't know IH was a free proofreading platform.


      Great catch, it's fixed. Thanks!

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    Very nice idea.

    In the second part, with the value propositions, the phone screens are unevenly cut. The one in the middle looks the best (height-wise).

    Disclaimer: I'm not a designer :D

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    It's nice and clean, it does everything it's supposed to (imo). Love it.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it.