Landing Page Feedback July 4, 2020

Roast my landing page! Do you even understand what it does?

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    Your hero copy:

    Organize tabs.
    Split up your work.
    Switch between tasks.

    This is a list of things your app does. No-one cares what your app does. People care about how it will benefit them.

    You should use that hero real estate to tell me how I'll benefit from your app. What problem are you solving for me? How are you making my life better / easier.

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      I won't explicitly dissent because I know this is like marketing copy 101 but I will say if you're going to go this route make sure it's not too generic. There are lots of tools in Chrome that help me manage my tabs so your "why" is going to have to very closely allude to your "what", or perhaps since you have a video right there, that will be enough, but "Don't get lost in your tabs again" or some similar how is too generic to grab me.

      For instance, the link copy on google docs is:

      Google Docs: Free Online Documents for Personal Use

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    Neat product. Animation shows clearly how it works and the benefits. Hero text doesn't work. Confusing. Almost didn't make it to the animation!

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    That looked really good! IM not big fan for Chrome, coming to Firefox?

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    Can agree to the top comment. Also, what is the advantage in comparison to Operating System workspaces?

    On Mac, everyone knows about it.
    On Windows: WIN + CTRL + D or WIN + CTRL + Right/Left arrow

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    I can do a similar thing with different people accounts in Chrome, but this is different/better in some ways: I don't need a different email address/Google account, I don't need to set up all my extensions again. Cool approach.

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    Aight here is my shot at the hero title (could be improved):

    1. "Frustrated with too many tabs?"
    2. "Focus on things that matter to you, we'll manage your tabs"
    3. "Save your time for things that matter, we'll manage your tabs"
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    I really like the video demo there. What did you use to record it?

    I think the hero-text makes sense in conjunction with the video. But I think it could be improved with spelling out the problem you're solving instead of highlighting the product features: e.g., "never lose your tabs again" or "manage your browser tabs" or "keep your work and personal tabs separate".

    I love the landing page overall, great work!

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    I think you explain very well what the app does. Especially the video. It perfectly explains what the app does.

    Primer is probably right and it would be useful to hammer in the benefits.

    But I think anybody who is constantly overrun with twenty open tabs will more or less understand the benefits of the app.

    ps. I'm also interested in what tools you used to make the video. I really like it.

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    I think it all makes sense and looks pretty awesome. I love the videos. What did you use to make them?

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    This is awesome! I have a bunch of tabs that I use for different occasion, and I was looking for a solution to access tabs quickly. I only thought about Trello but that seemed like a hassle to set up. I understood this page right away. How'd you find market validation for this?

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    This is just landing page describing functionality. Landing page is not your technical description it is a business page. Good business pages are based on how well you understand existing pain points. What kind of problem I am experiencing without your software? What options I use to manage these problems and why yours is much better.

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    Looks awesome! What did you use to create the video demo? Specifically, I like the zooming in sequence of the video.

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    It makes complete sense, but as @Primer has mentioned, how does this benefit the customer you're targeting?

    I'm literally making something similar to this, so it's funny this showed up.

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    Totally clear what it does, but why is that main video so big ? On a 13" Macbook it looks so oversized. I find that really annoying. It would look better if you resize it.
    Otherwise you've made a pretty cool product, i actually will try it. So interesting.

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    Hey Matthew,

    Your page looks really cool, and clean. I understand that it's a chrome extension for organizing tabs.

    I've added my feedback here:

    Hope you find it helpful!

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    This looks pretty cool. I think your landing page is pretty good! I got pretty quickly that it lets you create sets of tabs as workspaces that apply to different contexts.

    Only bit of feedback would be that the video is kind of jarring when it zooms in the opened tabs. It should also show at the end how to quickly close all of those open tabs and switch to a different workspace.

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