Roast my landing page (I'll return the favor)

I'm testing a new landing page and would love some feedback to compliment the A/B test data. Please be honest and don't worry about my feelings — I'm tough.

If you would like, I can review your page in exchange :).


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    I'm not your target audience, but anyway. Very nice page, especially a point about "verified by hiring managers". This is very convincing. Also it's great that I can see design examples right away.

    I don't get the idea of charging monthly for this service. Ain't I supposed to find a job quickly with such a beautiful resume? What would be more valuable and, perhaps, worth switching to a paid plan is 1) premium designs; 2) website analytics; 3) ability to contact me right from the web page.

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    Open, go through it 15 seconds, feeling: visually like it, clear, space, pretty cool. But why would I use your product? Might not be your target audience as an indie hacker; not interested in building resume.

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    Very nice landing page.

    What I liked:

    • The ability to import from LinkedIn. That's slick.
    • The animation at the top was engaging. I did wonder why all I saw were tech jobs, but looked at the URL and it was /tech so I assume it was customized based on that
    • Putting aside the fear of time. "3 steps, 5 minutes" was a strong value proposition for me
    • The social proof. Getting quotes from a hiring manager at Slack impressed me
    • Your team avatars. Cool way to showcase the team and very Apple-like, which leads me to believe design is at the forefront of what you do.

    What I didn't like:

    • With all those logos displayed, I found myself wondering why there wasn't a testimonial from someone at Apple, Lulu, etc.
    • I was initially confused by the phrase "Built in Best Practices". At first I thought you meant "The app is built with best practices" but now I think you mean "The Best Practices of Resume Building are Built In". It took me a while to get there.
    • "Ditch LinkedIn". Maybe for those with less experience, but realistically, ditching LinkedIn isn't an option. Augmenting maybe?
    • A monthly subscription. I don't get the value proposition of a subscription for a resume builder.

    Hope this helps!

    Although we're still very early, and this is just a beta waiting list page, any feedback is welcome: https://beta.fitsquadapp.com/

    1. 2

      Thanks for a thoughtful review! The logos are companies that hiring managers we work with have worked at, but I can see how that's not clear.

      FitSquad is a great idea. I'd probably try and move the how it works section higher on the page because I didn't totally understand what you were offering until I saw it. The hero section is a bit bland with quite a bit of text. I'd consider simplifying it to a single paragraph and reducing the size so the next section starts above the fold, encouraging people to keep scrolling.

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my page! Your feedback is spot on. Will make the updates. Much appreciated!

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    Designed for Success section, when it says 'Use this template', there isn't anything there. There's a huge empty block. I wish I can send you the screenshot here. I'm actually liking your website. I wanted to see those templates. But that's about it. Are you guys heading towards something like what LinkedIn is doing with connecting employers to job applicants? That would be good competition. Also, the vibe feels very much like here, Indie Hackers, website. Lol, I like it personally. It's dark and neony colors. But that's my preference. Looks good for me.

    here's mine, https://doss.mycnmi.com

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      Thanks for letting me know — the image must not be loading for some reason. We're staying focused on helping people create the best possible resume.

      Your page looks good. You might want to take it easy on the animations, I find some of them to be distracting. If this page is meant to be conversion focused, you might want to consider using a more minimal header. There are currently a lot of links competing for attention with your primary CTA.

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    Hey nice design, but I had to do my best to understand what service you provide.
    I think it's not obvious what you do from the first screen Impressive Resumes for X Do you offer templates, or some collection of advices on the right aspect of resumes. Not obvious.

    Could you do mine, please? https://www.appbuildy.com

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      Were you not able to figure out what we offer from the rest of the page?

      Your page looks pretty good. It's clear what you're selling. Adding social proof would help with credibility.

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    I really like the design of your landing page.

    In my opinion, I would focus more on the aspects of making resumes that are ATS friendly. There is a huge need today of optimizing resumes for ATS consumption and bypassing ATS filters.

    I honestly think that's more important than how pretty a resume is to a human. Especially for the tech sector. As a hiring manager for developers and PMs, I've never cared how pretty a resume was as long as it was easily consumable (and of course, made it through all the filters to get to me in the first place).

    Roast my landing page: https://appflags.io/

    1. 1

      Hey Justin, automated ATS filtering is actually a widely spread myth! Resumes are NOT automatically rejected by ATS systems. I'm in the process of writing a blog post to explain the misunderstanding with support from recruiters who use ATSs and the backstory on how it started.

      I'm a big fan of your landing page. The value props are clear, the design is clean, and the CTAs are clear. The hero image doesn't help me understand the product and feels a bit cliche, maybe a slightly stylized screenshot would be better?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the images are all from Undraw for now. Replacing with a stylized screenshot is a great suggestion.

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    Looks nice, above the fold could contain slightly more info, and I think a testimonial above the fold would make it feel more 'welcoming'. Good job, looks promising.

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    Hello Riley!
    The landing looks cool overall :) I also tried a few steps of the onboarding and it looks nice as well.
    If it might help you, I left some contextual comments here https://app.iterspace.com/recording/3f2ef994-2d8a-46bf-bc8a-b572bb00c699
    Let me know if I can be of any further help :)
    As you may guess, my landing page is iterspace.com

    1. 1

      Thanks! The iterspace review UI is quite nice!

      The iterspace landing page is nice! The value props are clear and the design feels modern. It would be nice if you offered the Chrome install directly from your website instead of sending people to the Chrome store.

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    My question is: How is your resume builder different?
    I also built one resume builder 5 years ago. My selling point was that I explained each sections, why it is needed based on the feedback from recruiters. For example, salary expectations, main technologies, skill matrix. This all was requested by tech recruiters.

    Roast my landing https://ns.comparecourses.dev

    1. 1

      There are two major differentiators for Standard Resume:

      1. You can import your LinkedIn profile, which saves time retyping the same info

      2. We work with hiring managers at top tech companies to design and validate our templates. They aren't just arbitrarily designed and not tested like other resume builders.

      Notes on your landing page:

      • The hero seems a little generic. It's not clear who this is for (beyond someone who wants to learn to program) and why you are different. There are a lot of ways to learn how to program and programming is a huge topic. Do you teach a specific language? Is it a specific teachings style?
      • Have you considered showing some sample newsletters similar to what substack newsletter landing pages do? I would want more proof of value before sharing my email address.
      1. 1

        You are right. I need to make it more clear what the values is. Ended up with this http://js.comparecourses.dev

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    Hey @rileyt ! Here's my feedback:

    The first question that comes to mind as I give it a quick scan is this:

    "Do I need to have LinkedIn to do this? What if I don't have one? Can I still use it?"

    which makes me think that might be a friction point.

    If you can still build a resume without LI, then it's a good idea to say that somewhere on the page. (unless of course your target audience is only people with a LinkedIn profile)

    👉##The Hero##

    I'm not a big fan of the changing(moving?) text. I understand you want to show that it can create a resume for different types of people/professions. But the thing is, most people will not wait to see what the next word is going to be --so in a sense, it defeats its purpose.

    I suggest you

      1. Find a way to call out your target customers without the changing text. or
      2. Use one word that describes all of them (if possible)
           *Love the hero image

    👉##How it works##

    My immediate response is, "Really? Just 5 minutes?"

    Whenever I've had to do a resumé before, it's always taken a long time. So I find this hard to believe. BUT, if it really does take only 5 minutes, how about adding social proof underneath it to make me believe that claim

    👉'##Hiring Manager Approved##

    I really like this bit on the landing page. It's probably the part that gives me an emotional connection to the product. Probably a good idea to put this higher up the page.

    I don't know the level of awareness of your visitors. But I'm inclined to believe that they're there because they want to be hired. And if your templates are hiring manager approved, then if I were your target customer, I want access to them. Maybe explore this as part of your positioning? (even better if coupled with the designed for success message).

    Hope that helps.

    1. 1

      Thank you! Your point about needing a LinkedIn account is a good catch. Standard Resume works best with LinkedIn, but you can use it without LinkedIn, so we should make that clear.

      It actually does only take 5 minutes thanks to the automated LinkedIn import. We have this testimonial in the rotating testimonials section, but it's easy to miss since it isn't always shown “In a few minutes you can make a resume that’s better designed than 99% of the resumes out there.”.

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    Your idea seems good. But i'd add some more templates.
    The landingpage looks really clean and I like the color schemen. Overall a great design.
    However, the name "standard resume" is to standart ;)
    Last point: I wouldn't like to pay monthly for your product cause I just need it once.

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    Hi Riley,
    Well done. I think your landing page works fine and I got a good picture of what the product is offering. However, I am not sure about the domain name. Standardresume sounds ...very standard and it looks strange together with the word "Impressive" in you first headline.

    Here's a link to my landing page. Work in progress:

    1. 2

      We have considered changing our name many times now. We started with only one template and the idea was that it was the standard resume design, but have since added more templates.

      Notes on your landing page:

      • "Faster & Stronger" seems overly generic. It means nothing to me at first glance.
      • The header paragraphs take a while to get to the value props. I'd focus more on explaining the value you provide as fast as possible to get people's attention.
      • "Start tracking your workouts like a pro" resonates more with me than any of your other copy.
      • The app screenshot looks nice, but the arrow buttons beside it don't do anything when I click on them.
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    The screenshots you see immediately change too quickly so you can not read what is in them.

    Overall very nice and simple landing page, but miss a little more images/demo of your app.

    However, I am a little in doubt about how impressed I am with your templates. I myself have hired 4 people for Tabtimize on the basis of job application and CVs where I have probably read 100 Resumes in the last 9 months and your templates are a bit boring. In addition, I would recommend you to be able to add video to them as they just provide much more understanding of the person.

    Hope you could use the feedback

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. The screenshots do change quite quickly.

      Template design preference is quite subjective. We work with managers who have hiring experience at Apple, Square, Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft, Uber, etc, and have cumulatively reviewed thousands of resumes. This gives us a much better signal than any single person could, and keep us honest with our own designs.

  14. 1

    I like it yeah, it's nice.

    Just three things:

    • The magenta text is no t very well contrasted maybe, slightly brighter would do the work.
    • The background color should be just a tiny winy darker, the shade is putting down the components colors.

    I would add some more padding on the X axis, something like 80 pixels and give every section the same white space.

    Other wise it should do the work.

    If you are up to returning the favor this is my site.

    thank you and I hope it helps!

    1. 1

      Thanks! I see your landing page is also dark and colorful 🙂.

      A few notes:

      • There is a typo here "your go-to proggraming language"
      • I'd consider moving the "A solution tailored to" section below the three column explanation sectio to make sure people fully understand what you are selling first (I only partially understood from the hero).
      • You have a lot of different button styles, which could make it confusing what is clickable and what isn't for some people.

      Hopefully that helps!

      1. 1

        yess! i agree with you, I was playing around with the buttons last night. I gotta fix that and the typos too!

        thanks a lot.

  15. 1


    The header is full of informations and I don't know what to read first: the title or what is written in those images? I'll keep it simplier and concise so people can understand faster and with no effort what this website is about.

    I'm thinking about moving the images from header in the next sections and replacing them with a headline with more informations about the website. The rest of the landing page looks really good and I think it would be better to also add more informations to the 3 steps provided (E.g. 1. Import from LinkedIn -> Add your link in our configurator and we will export all the details | 2. Choose a template -> We provide 50+ templates, from business templates to funny templates etc).

    I hope it helps.

    If you like, it would be very helpfull an opinion to my landing page: https://www.roombuddy.co/en

    Thank you!

    1. 1

      Thank you! We were trying to fit as much information as possible into the top part because many people never scroll to see the rest.

      For roombuddy:

      • I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "List, search and match your ideal roommate for free". Are you combining the use case of listing your room as available and searching for an available room?
      • It would be nice if the location autofilled from IP. I'd be more likely to continue if I wasn't sure.
      • The newsletter popup seems a bit aggressive. I'm not sure why I'd want to sign up for you newsletter a few second after landing on your website. You should provide some value before asking for emails.

      Hope that helps!

  16. 1

    It is nice for the most part, but the text in Bebas font doesn't go with with the other font (i don't know what it is called), that is all.

    And you've done a pretty good job with the landing page.

  17. 1

    Nothing much to say since the landing page is already in great shape. Have made few comments using ruttl.com here : https://app.ruttl.com/share/yllEF82CudgUK0IAuVsB

    Majorly focusing on conversions and user experience. All the best

    1. 1

      Hi! The link doesn't seem to work for me. It stays in the initial loading state.

      1. 1

        Just found a small bug in the product :P . Fixed now. Please check the same link again

  18. 1

    it's not bad
    I'd lose or drasically reduce the gradient colors (can keep only in the first "title", the dynamic writing roles) and purples on the titles
    The cartoon team images feel out of context, like it doesn't fit the style of the page IMHO, maybe it's a bit much from "professional" to playful styles

    Love the CTAs all over, but why link to different things? or is it a cookie thing that's gone wrong?..

  19. 1

    Looks really professional and elegant. Love the UI.
    Not too convinced about the ditch LinkedIn message as it's the tool that all recruiters use.

    Some Ideas for the Product

    How to get your profile seen:
    I created an MVP before and we had video profiles. It was incredible how little the video profile links were clicked, I'd say 15% of applications were actually viewed the rest got lost on the system. It would good to show people the different ways of getting your CV in front of recruiters not just applying for jobs directly

    • Directly contacting recruiters on LinkedIn
    • Contacting company on Twitter asking about opportunities
    • Getting referrals through LinkedIn/Twitter

    Profile tools for recruiters:
    Would be good on the web resume if you created tools for the recruiter to make the job easier for them, ability to search for key words, highlight technical terms so they can understand if it's relevant or not Java vs JavaScript

    1. 1

      Thank you for taking the time to write this feedback — I appreciate it!

      For the LinkedIn part, we're suggesting that you use a web resume for casual applications instead of LinkedIn, not ditch it altogether. I can see how this might not be clear though.

      Helping people get their profiles/resumes seen is an excellent suggestion. We see many people who bulk apply through company websites and mostly get rejected/ignored instead of doing things like you have suggested. I'm not sure where/when is the right place to help people with this though.

      The web resume is a normal webpage, so recruiters can just use C-f as usual.

  20. 1

    The page looks great! Although, I'm not sure about using "Impressive" as the descriptor since the resumes look kinda plain. How about "Highly effective" or something to that effect?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! We've tested many adjectives and impressive has performed the best, but we haven't tried "highly effective" so I'll give it a shot.

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