Roast my landing page: Notitia, helping startups connect their customer insights with AI

Hello! We've just redesigned our landing page and were wondering how clear it is in terms of value prop, target user, and product. The MVP is coming soon so excuse the "test it here" page for now.

We help startups make sense of their customer discovery notes and transcripts by automatically finding and visualizing connections between ideas.


EDIT: I've made some changes based on the feedback below, would love to know if it's better and where else it could improve!

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    Hi! Great page overall, lots of space to take the information in and you don't try to say everything at once - if you're interested in getting real user feedback along with some brand expertise, I'd love to help!

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    Hi, I think it's a bit unclear what you do. After reading the whole page (which most visitors definitely won't do), my guess is that you take customer feedback, cluster it and identify patterns and connections. It's unclear where the feedback comes from (do you offer some connectors from common customer feedback platforms?).

    I put a more detailed feedback here: https://screenbud.com/shot/ff09f51c-1ee2-42cc-a264-780d37fff014

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    "AI that finds and visualizes the hidden patterns from your customer discovery notes "- Can you rewrite it. Not much clear what is Notitia all about.

    Get Started form will be bit larger, left hand text can be come in small space.

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    Too much small black text on white background, inside boring rectangles. Need more design work...

    Visualize the product not exactly as it actually looks at the moment, but as a simplified more colorful version with bigger text - a mind map - to give people an idea of what this does at first glance.

    Most people will not spend a long time trying to figure out what the service does. Also, why did you name it Notitia? It sounds weird.

    Best wishes! Looks very promising if positioned and marketed well.

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    I'm not sure what your product does, the design is "bland" meaning, not bad but "forgettable".
    Looks like any other generic "template", could use some flair ;).

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    Hi, nice site and business idea.
    Echoing previous comment its bit unclear in messaging, multiple sections overlapping.
    I'd narrow it down to a single step by step walk through.
    Quick test also bit funky on mobile but that could be my side, what's it built on ?

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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