Landing Page Feedback September 27, 2020

Roast my landing page redesign

Gabriel Perales @gperales

Hi, we have re-built our product from the scratch, and we have redesigned everything. Now we are about to launch a new landing page, so what do you think about the new redesign?

In special, I would like to have some feedback about these questions:

  • Is it too long? I think we maybe have too much scroll, but we need to explain the product

  • Is it clear about what the product does?

Here is the link to the landing:

Thank you in advance

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    It looks nice little bit chaotic, imho the only thing that is missing is a side navbar for fast navigation to the different section, it could be really useful for a fast jump to pricing section

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    Hi Gabriel,
    To me it feels like there are two very different pages packed into one. The first one is clean with nice branding and accents. The second is chaotic with lots of flashy graphics and slogans.

    Also, in my opinion emphasis on negatives ("you’re screwed" etc) gives it "snake oil salesman" vibe. I would suggest to focus on positives and the ways your product can help your customers achieve their goals.

    To summarise, I think you have nice branding, illustrations and parts of the page do look very good. Removing the second part and a bit more work on the value proposition would make it even better.

    I hope this helps :)

    1. 1

      Good point about focussing on the positive things, I'll talk to my partners to see if we can change that. I'm glad you like the branding and illustrations :-)

      Thank you very much for your feedback!.

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    Acho, un Muricano por aqui? Voy a ver la pagina!

    1. 2

      Me consta que no soy el único ;-)

      1. 1

        Soys mas?

        Bueno yo soy casi crie allí.

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    Took ages to load, lots of white space for me on mobile 📱

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    "Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnail Templates". I think this should be your first headline. Your product should first explain WHAT it's about before persuading people.

    1. 1

      Definitely! Thank you very much

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    "1st" isn't a benefit to the buyer. There's already TuberTools and Little Monster Media Co
    And you mention it's "All in one" but then I have to buy the templates individually. So already you're not fully truthful to me as a potential customer. It makes me wonder what else are you making hyperbolic statements about?

    You can summarize what you do in a simple side by side gif or image. Check out how @HarryDry does it on Marketing Examples [] shows before and after on social media.

    You have 3 testimonials, but if I scroll through quickly it looks like one.

    The side by side licenses are super difficult to tell what's the differences. Only one thing is different. so only have one list. Show the add on price for commercial license.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      It's all-in-one because we provide all the kind of assets you could need for your channel (icons, info bar, lower thirds, etc.). Still, we provide a fixed amount of them in the basic product, then we have a premium subscription where we are going adding more and more assets, but you don't have to buy them individually. We should have to remove the basic plan and leave just subscriptions, but for now, we are going to keep this way.

      Completely agree with the testimonials, and we probably should add more.

      Useful advice on the pricing, I'll talk to my partners to see if they also agree.

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    Is it me or there is two versions of you landing page stacked one after another (second one starts after "Introducing kickasstuber". Is it failed A/B test?

    Second LP is better, but it's too many templates to scroll.

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      you are right...maybe is a little bit repetitive.

      The thing with all those templates is that we have to show our product because we are not offering freemium accounts.

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    Me gusta la paleta de colores, pero creo que tienes demasiada informacion, yo me he vuelto loco.

    Tener una chat y una pop con los que han comprado nada mas llegar, pues me parece demasiado, eso le resta puntos a la UX y se siente un poco tacky.

    Luego segun voy bajando, todo se mueve. Animaciones si, pero las justas...

    buenas suerte Gabriel.

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    There is a lot of repetition on the homepage, on the mobile version specifically...I keep scrolling over and over and end up on the same content again and again, is this just me?

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      The thing is that because we don't offer free access, we have to show some of the content we have... don't you think so? I also think we have too much scroll, but I haven't found any other solution... I'll try to find a better solution. Thank you very much for your feedback

    2. 1

      Another thing in the footer it says 50 templates for a dollar but there is no such item for sale

      1. 1

        Yeah, I know, the landing page is not on production yet, but that is something we sometimes use as a lead magnet

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