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    Hi Joran, congrats on your launch, I really like the idea. Overall theme of my feedback is that you need to frontload the landing page with clear painpoint / value proposition -> solution. You start out with how affordable it is and how easy to set up it is before I fully understood what your product does or why I should use it.

    I put more detailed feedback here:

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      Hi @palmik, thanks for the feedback! I like how you did it with Screenbud

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    You should include screenshots of your platform and demonstrate how exactly do things work.

    Because right now I had to read your entire copy and understand what this actually is. Nobody is reading. Everyone is merely scanning.

    Also when I read I have to then do the visualising.

    Make your product more tangible. If they can't see what they're buying they're probably not going to be able to consider buying it. People are always calculating ROI in their head. But if the first variable is hard to grasp, then they'd not be able to do this.

    Finally you seem to have customers. Your testimonials are vague and generic. Add numbers to it. ABC Corp added $2000 extra MRR or 20% new expansion revenue or something.

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      Hi @yashbhardwaj, thanks for taking the time!

      Great comments and these screenshots is something we will be adding soon, I agree with the scanning.

      Regarding the ROI we can't really say anything yet, as we don't have proven results just yet. When we do, we will change the testimonials (we are not going to lie 😅)

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        love the spirit, 100% not recommend lying. It could bring short term customers via signalling but deep down you'd know your tool doesn't work.

        Authenticity over social signalling.

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    I love it, I may use it for my own tool. One minor glitch, I chose Accounting, it still shows "Category" in the select box.

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    Feedback by @bs_tales

    1. Value prop and product is very clear.
    2. Headline is attracting and the bullets are great
    3. Consider adding more testimonials and place it higher up
    4. Screenshots or a demo video might help
    5. Add no-code solution to integrate with webflow wordpress etc.
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      The image on the right of the hero-text doesn't add value, consider improving that too

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