Landing Page Feedback June 3, 2020

Roast my pre-launch page! 🔥

Yassine Zeriouh @yassineze

Hello guys!
Today I kicked off the pre-launch phase of my email marketing SaaS Mailspree.

The project is still in early development, but the most important parts are working (mostly without the UI), we are actually using our own backend for email collection and sending already.

Here is my pre-launch website:

Mailspree will be an easy-to-use email marketing SaaS that focuses on specific functionality (Form creating and implementing, Newsletter designing and sending) to be as easy as possible. Think of an email marketing software that everyone (from freelancer over blogger to small startup). As long as you don't want to do email marketing very professionally with even an own department for it, you're good to go.

I'm excited to know what you guys think and what can be done better 🚀


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    • No visuals where I can see the product I will pay for
    • Text in the first section is too abstract imho - Doesn't describe problem it solves and if I belong to your audience.
    • Not clear what the product offers.

    In my experience a good way to present a product that is an alternative to existing ones is the website and especially this page People buy products to make progress (aka solve problems they have). I want to be able to visualise how my life will be (on the context of email marketing) after I invest money and time in using your service.

    Hope I helped!

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      Hey Jim, thank you for your honest feedback!

      I can't add any visuals as of right now because I am still very early in development (in fact, only the barebones of the backend are ready), I am still working heavily on the Frontend and was planning to add some screenshots as soon as I have some ready!

      The Basecamp example is great! I will definitely look into that and clarify on my product and why people should use it.

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        Ok got it then it makes sense hehe

        Here is a website I made some years ago for a freelance project based on the basecamp approach - My goal was to describe the current situation so that users can relate and think "yes! I have this problem too" and immediately after to describe the solution.

        I think it's a simple and great technique for usable content design 😀

        Good luck with your project and glad that I helped!

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    My feedback:

    1. Email marketing for everyone sounds good to you as the business, but as a potential customer it means nothing to me

    Why should I care about Mailspree vs others? What’s unique here?

    My advice is don’t target everyone, target a specific market with a specific problem that the current solutions aren’t working good enough for them

    1. Would like to see screens of how the features look like

    2. Would like to know if there are templates to use and how many, best if I can see them first

    3. Would like to know my limits on the packages and price points

    Other than that the design looks professional and makes me feel like I can trust your company.

    All the best!

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      Hey, thanks for your honest feedback! Really appreciated!

      I wrote down some action plans out of this and will update the website in about a month (right now I am too busy with actual app development). 🔥

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    Hey @yassineze It looks promising although it's a crowded space.

    Keen to know if you would include some examples on the site to showcase your product?

    When will be the launch day?

    I'm working on a Notion page right now, would be great to know your feedback!

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      Hey thanks for your feedback! I'm currently still in very early development which is why there aren't any examples or screenshots on the website as of right now. I will add them as soon as some functionality is ready!

      I wanted to launch in October 2020, which is hard to accomplish as it's a tight schedule considering this is a one-man (side-)project and the work that still has to be done. But I'm working very hard on it 🚀

      Your Notion page looks great 🔥It's incredible how Notion is able to do so many things!
      Just one thing that irritated me: You titled the Gallery View "Search", though I can not click on it to search (The search is located on the right side in notion), maybe you can name it "All tools" or "Browse" 🙌🏽