Landing Page Feedback May 22, 2019

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Yuri Alves @YuriGuernsey

SPFound is Where you can find help for your latest side projects or find side projects to help.



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    Checked it out on mobile. It is a good start but I did see some areas for improvement.

    • The product hunt footer is 404ing.
    • Took about 7 seconds to load which seems very slow for how simplistic the home page is.
    • I naturally want to click on the product blocks to lean more but they don’t do anything.
    • The contact links on product blocks don’t standout as links.
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    Font in the header is hard to read.

    Who is the dude with the rocket? Rockets are usually not side projects. (kidding on that. a little :)

    Can you bubble up what help a project needs? Looking at just the name and sentence description it is hard to know what I could do to help.

    What action do you want me to take?

    Good luck!

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    The font on the header is difficult to read as the line "Where you can find help for your latest side project" is touching the words "Welcome to"

    I think it Would be nice if the current project cards pop open to display further information as it looks like Seedstart text ends before it is finished. Maybe add ... if the text continues so it doesn't appear as half a sentence.

    It would be nice to see a website or show some pictures to show the stage of products as one side project maybe 95% complete and need the last 5% help to launch the MVP whereas another could be at an idea stage.

    With the categories that currently don't have any entries either hide these or show a button to allow users to add their side project.

    Also in the sign-up and login forms you have the development options showing so any user can reset the site ("Development Settings: Clear localhost URL").

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    not sure if I like the header font types, maybe add a more professional font