Roast my social media designs!

Hello everyone!

We have launched on Product Hunt today 🎉 and we used a video and a few gifs. I was wondering if I could get your feedback on these, because we are also planning to use them in other ads. Whether they make sense, looks good, or fit in design standards and tips you have, everything is welcome.


While you're at it, if you like the product, please hit the upvote. Your support is everything 🥺🙏🏼

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    It has the sound design for a cool physical product launch. If I listened to just the audio, I would expect the last key frame to be a pair of Nikes or a new Ford. Also, the transitions are a little too fast.

    It might be a good idea to make it more office friendly. If I am watching without headphones, I want my boss to say "oh okay, he's watching a video related to work."

    Add narration and slow it down IMO. Best of luck!

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    I am the guy that made the video by the way! Please don't hold back on the roasts, especially about the video haha!

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      you asked for it...

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    The video had a too-long intro before getting to the actual product (15 seconds?) and I didn't really care for the music. It felt like it was trying to be a product launch for some new hardware like a Microsoft Surface, which made it feel generic.

    It would've been better to jump straight into the product itself and provide more clarity as to what it is. From what I can gather in the video, you can create certificates? And then track them somehow?

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    I'd recommend zooming in on each modal/action/dialog so we can see what you're typing/doing a lot better. Kinda hard to see what's going on in the gifs.

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    Most of the gifs feel overly noisy to me, IDK what to look at, so much iconage and other elements, I'd call it messy, wanting to do too much,,

    watching the video once (no sounds), I only get it's an all in one tool to make a certificate and has too much backend reports about it?
    too much text, too fast. what's marketing to do with certificates?.. (2nd watch) learn about skills in my industry? what does this relate to? I have no idea what this thing is

    The first comment is the only thing that makes any sense to me in that product page

    "Sertifier is an all-in-one education data collection tool"
    Sounds like your scrapping something or a central data source people should push to you

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      I think you should do a dumb simple version
      "We modernize granting a completion certificate"

      1. Educator designs a certificate

      2. Educator grants a certificate to his student

      3. Student receives a certificate
        (Anyone?) can validate the student's certificate

      Something like
      no graphs and backend and stats
      it just makes it look complicated
      for something simple

      even if they are valuable features, they shouldn't be made the stars of the show
      could give them a nod "+ X features to make life easy and fun" <- need better text

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        that's actually one of the best, the most honest and useful feedbacks we've had! thank you so much

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