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    Like the page and layout a lot. It's elegantly designed and I like how you offer clear comparison options for your value props to existing co's.

    Biggest piece of feedback is that a more specific niche than what your main h1 text provides will help users understand if this is for them. "All-in-One Business & Marketing Platform for" is REALLY expansive for a definition and puts me on guard about what I'm being sold. Am I here for the course seller, the storefront, or the bundling tools? What if I only need one of these three? Or two?

    Think it might be helpful to narrow down who the customer is and go talk to a bunch of them to hone what the most important of these value props is and build around that one first. The rest of the features can certainly be a part of the pitch, but they need to speak to some kind of unified business use-case.

    Another thought might be to make some sections a bit less dense (that's often what makes ppl skim and stop paying attention).

    Looking forward to the next iteration!

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      I really like how you broke it all down for me.

      The main h1 text does sound pretty expansive for a definition. I thought about it initially as well but came to realize that Plantoost Pro is ultimately going to provide a platform where a content creator can create and sell courses as well as other digital products on their own storefront using the bundling tools and pretty much everything else on the same exact platform.

      You're exactly right. I definitely need to be speaking to the customer and it is important that the messaging resonates with the intended audience. I agree that there's additional work to be done to improve the pitch.

      The sections do seem lengthy and some changes definitely need to happen soon.

      Thank you for showing love and offering your constructive feedback!

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    dig it.

    i can't tell how to pronounce the name, and/or i don't know what it means.

    the no-monthly pricing option is not something i dig.

    the scantron-like bubbles after various features look....like what are they for? maybe a broken gif?

    logo/name kind of plain.

    maybe make the 'Kajabi' logo on the home page clickable so it goes to your 'comparison' page?

    good job.

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      It's pronounced Plan-too-st. I have always like the words plant and boost, and thought why not create a brand name combining the two and when I did that and removed the b letter, it all came together perfectly, at least for me.

      There's actually monthly plans available as well https://plantoost.com/pro For some reason, the homepage only shows the annual plans. Will definitely make some changes to fix that at some point.

      Scantron-like bubbles may look out of place on some of the images. Will be revisiting this as well.

      A logo 'upgrade' may happen at some point in the future. Right now, the focus is very much on the services offered on the platform.

      Great idea. Will consider doing that.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    It says 403 forbidden for me =(

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      Likely a threat mitigation measure. Are you using a VPN to access the site?

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          That's probably why. I can provide temporary access to your IP if you wanna check it out.

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    Is that okay to list your competition like this? As in your "replaces..." sections. Also using your competition names in the footer menu may welcome some legal actions as you're clearly using their names to advance your own SEO.

    Personally, I would never trust a company without an address and some contact details. I think individual founders shouldn't be ashamed openly saying they are the sole founder, putting their name, photo and the story up. Obviously, you're thinking "who's gonna trust a single person business?", but who's gonna trust nobody, as this is what it looks like now. I think candidness gives a lot more credibility.

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