Roast my Website 😅 (No-code Founder)

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    There are some styling issues with the mobile version.

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    Some visual feedback - the font used in the cards clashes with the fonts everywhere else, maybe try using the same font or a softer font in the cards.

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    i wish there were more offers. Stick to fewer fonts and colors.

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    Your listing pages don't have unique Title tags, they all just say "Early Bird"

    On the supply side, there is no trial? Even if there isn't a free trial, only committing to a month or a 7 day money-back guarantee would make it easier to try out.

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      Alright @youmustbecrazy you asked and I delivered 👊There are now different prices that include a free trial! Let me know what you think!


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        That looks much less intimidating. Good job!

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    can you also check our website? we are looking for recommendations on what to put up to. https://www.saasjournal.io/

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    Brand logos are throwing me off. Why are they there?

    Pricing seems off. You'd be better taking transaction fees from every sale instead of charging companies to list.

    I'd love to list my site but wouldn't pay 99/yr to list it, would rather you take a transaction fee for every spot sold (that way it's a win-win). Incentive for you to push marketing and get views on peoples products and incentive for me to stay if I see sales generated.

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      That's a great point @tbotnar we wanted to try and differentiate ourselves from sites like Appsumo that do exactly what you are saying. I listed one of my courses on appsumo last year and although it did generate sales the transaction fees ended up taking a much larger portion of my sale than I wanted. Overall I ended up spending much more than $99 to have my site listed on there.

      What are your thoughts on a lifetime price? Between $59-$99 to list as many of your courses as you want and to have lifetime access? Do you think users (Course creators ) would be more inclined to that pricing?

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    Is this for course creators or course seekers? It's hard to tell from this page. The CTA button is what confused me on this point.

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      Hey @NickFreiling thanks for the feedback! I made some some changes so visitors know its for course seekers 👊

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    Which tool did you use to make the landing page? Webflow?

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      It looks like it's made with Webflow and Memberstack, from what pops up in the devoloper console.

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    What are the logos on your site? Webflow, Producthunt etc.

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    Feedback after a quick view:

    • CTA isn't visible, it can be easily missed.
    • https://www.earlybird.vip/browse In this page filter category can be improved and at the top browse button isn't needed on that page because that will land on the same page.
    • There is no option to sign in via Gmail or Twitter. Personally, I prefer login via these as these save time. I'd recommend you to use any third party authentication solution as updating the APIs can be a hectic task. For my own project I'm using loginradius.com for authentication, it's secure and scalable but the best part is it is free as well.
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      Thank you so much @sshreey. I will make sure to implement these points!

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    Quick insights for the landing page:

    • It's not clear who are you talking to on the landing page. The headline seems to speak to visitors, but the CTA below is for your potential B2B partners
    • That said the CTA can be easily missed. Those photos of people are just confusing, and not enough for social proof without real testimonials.
    • Thinkific is mentioned twice and the P logo has way more padding than the rest
    • The category browsing needs a different logo for each category.
    • The Marketplace category has a Description subtitle
    • All in all, you should refocus your site for the deal hunters, and have a smaller, seperate block where you speak to the course makers, and direct them to the Sell on Early Bird page

    Sell on Early Bird page:

    • The page needs a longer, more descriptive URL for SEO reasons
    • The site falls apart between the mobile and the large screen sizes
    • There are too many white spaces between blocks
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      Thank you @tamasszb I changed the CTA and got rid of the confusing photos. Ill make sure to clean up the rest of the site as well ✊

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