Landing Page Feedback September 23, 2020

🔥 Roast our pricing page 💲 and I roast yours! 🔥🔥🔥


Hey guys,

since we offer software and hardware, we have great difficulty in finding an optimal pricing which is easy to understand and attractive for freelancers (consultants, creatives...) and teams. (Agencies, law firms, small project teams in larger organizations...)

What makes us unique is our hardware/ app solution in combination with our flexible layer system. The decision trigger is of course the hardware button. While for freelancer its clear to order our solution with a buzzer, teams often need individual compositions. This means that often not everyone in the team needs a buzzer.

We also noticed large differences in the willingness to pay prices betweend AND within the two groups. For example, a lawyer might find our solution rather cheap, while a web designer might think twice before buying. And of course a freelancers cares more about the price than for example someone at a company who doesnt have to pay the bill. We have thought about offering additional integrations/functions in future that are only relevant for certain target groups and whose price is adjusted to the different groups. (But thats just a side note.)

So you can imagine, it's really not that easy, so we are testing different prices and forms of presentation. Price psychology also plays a major role.

So now the question. How do you feel about our current pricing?
Is it easy to understand? How do you feel about the prices? Which questions are still open? How do you like the desktop/ mobile version?

So let's go, you know the game:

Roast it! 🔥🔥🔥

In return i will roast yours!


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    I've noticed you don't have a month-by-month plan, is this on purpose?

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      Yes, the idea was that it felt more like different "packages" and less like a subscription. If that makes sense?

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    Hey Patrick, I didn't read your whole post before reviewing the page, as I felt that it would give you more usable feedback.

    here are the good bits:

    • first impression is good, website design and photography is professional
    • feature list and testimonials are reassuring

    Now what confuses me is that it is not clear at all how many buzzers I need for my team. I find it confusing to have to think of the price of the buzzer as well as the monthly membership, and have to configure the number of buzzers in the "team" area.

    My suggestions:

    • have two columns "individual" and "team", and include the buzzer hardware within each column. Sure, it will create some repetition between the columns, but at least I will be able to focus on the offer that interests me the most and understand it better
    • have the price show up as total, for example: individual: $89 + $8/ month or team: $89 + $12 / user / month (with the option to select x buzzers per team member)

    All in all it's really good, just a bit confusing still. I can give you a bit more details if you need.

    Here's mine! We design logos for startup

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      Hi @dagorenouf,

      thanks for your feedback!

      Thanks for pointing out that the "Team Configurator" is still a bit confusing. Maybe we just ask for the team size and leave out the question about the required number of buzzers. Either way, after registration we offer a test package consisting of 2x buzzers and 2 software licenses, since most teams want to try out the solution on a small scale first.

      Now, here is my feedback for your page:

      I think I already told you below another post that I find your website amazing!
      It's so unique and professional. Not like all those logo and marketing agency sites with using the same standard themes over and over again.

      Also love that questionnaire! Super awesome.

      But now lets get to your pricing page.

      I think it's overall design is well done!

      Still it took me a while to know whats going on.

      Reasons and Suggestions:

      • It's hard to compare similar and different features between those 3 plans.
        Suggestion: Put similar features in the same line or only mention the differences like "Everything in Start plan, PLUS".

      • I was a bit confused about the prices. To me they seemed very low. (Atleast the left and the middle one.) Also the step from the middle to the highest plan is soo huge. I assume you've done that for achoring but I think that gap is too extreme. It makes the third plan seem completely irrelevant.
        Have you already tried higher prices in the middle plan?

      • I like that I can download examples but I could not see any differences on the quick one. Also I somehow expected that the quality of the logos differentiate depending on the plan. I was somehow disappointed that the logos looked in all folders the same. So in the highest plan I get a $39 dollar logo and the only main differences are that I get the svg file instead of just an png and a few colors added to the logo?
        That frightened me off.
        Suggestion: I'd rather pick between different quality levels.
        Another suggestion: As I mentioned I like that I can download examples but that is a bit much work to just compare the different plans. Maybe add some images in a pop up like you did it with "view details". Of course you can still offer the download.

      That was it from my side. Sorry for being a bit harsh. :)

      Overall I really like the idea and service you offer!

      Hope that helped.


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        Leaving out the number of buzzers from the page would definitely help. If most teams want to try with 2 anyway, you can optimize for that use case. It's better than try to please everyone with the same page.

        Your notes about our page are very in depth, thank you for taking the time! It's interesting since for us, this page has been a problem for a long time. The price on the right is actually not to anchor the other ones, we do sell some of these packages ahah!

        The reason why the jump is so big, is because the lower priced package don't give you exclusive use of your logo. The expensive one does give you that, which enables trademarking for example, which can become quite important for bigger projects.

        Will meditate on your suggestions to see how to make things clearer.


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          Alright I understand.

          Hmm. I also miss some examples of logos you've done before. Or did I overlook something?

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            there are examples on our homepage yes, but if you didn't see them maybe it's mean they're too hard to find 😅

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              Where are those? 😅

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                ahah I hope you're joking, else we've got some more design work to do. Basically right on the middle of the homepage, where it says "meaningful proposals only"

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                  Ups...I don't know what happened here. The problem was definitely on my side :D No worries

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    (viewed on desktop)

    • Design looks nice, but the angular buttons look weird. Some sort of Bootstrap multi-button might look better.
    • Hardware picture looks low quality. Maybe a 3d render instead?
    • I thought the green "save up to x %" was for all three plans. Maybe move the text below each button.
    • Does the money back guarantee also exist on the physical buzzer?
    • Profile pics for the testimonials would be cool
    • Can't click through to read the actual reviews on Captera

    All in all, pretty good :)

    Disclaimer: Keep in mind with all of this, I assumed the value was made clear on other pages. The value isn't clear from this page alone.

    Here's mine:

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      Hi @ciriousjoker
      thanks for your feedback!

      • Can you send me an example of a bootstrap multi button? I have no idea what you could mean with that. Couldn't find anything on the web. :D
      • good point
      • I tried that, but I had the feeling that it was a bit too chaotic.
      • Yes money back guarantee also exists on the physical buzzer. You are right, it's not 100% clear atm. I'll have to change that.
      • true but not easy to get. Getting people to review us on capterra is hard enough :D
      • good point. Can change that!

      Regarding your disclaimer: Do you have any suggestions or ideas what we change here?

      My feedback for you: (viewed on desktop aswell)

      • I think the headline could be improved. (Find the right PLAN instead of "find the right price". I'd also leave out the part with "whoever you are". Atleast to me that sounds weird.
        I'd rather go with "Find/ Choose the plan that’s right for you" or something like that.
      • the link to your pricing page in the header menu feels lost. I would place the link to the left of the login button.
      • You mainly mention features. I ask myself what is in it for me and how I can benefit from your solution.


      • the website looks professional!
      • I like the overall design and the colors of your website/ pricing page.
      • I think the pricing page is very simple and everything is clearly arranged!
      • I like the logo

      Awesome, another one from Germany! I'd be happy to connect with you. :)

      Best Patrick

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        Ty for the feedback!

        You mentioned features vs benefits, does that only apply to the pricing table or also the front page?

        I've rewritten my front page benefits yesterday, if you saw a fancy animation (done with, it was already the new one.

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          It only applies to the pricing table. Front page is well done IMO! :)

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            Oh sorry for not answering the question, I must have overlooked it.
            I meant a simple button group, Multibuttons don't exist. Or like those blue tabs on iOS.

            Maybe only write -xy% instead of the full text? If it's a button group with more padding, you also have more space for text below it. Perhaps color code it?

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    Hi @patrickr.

    Un the mobile view, below hardware and just before software, there is a plus sign. However, if you press nothing happens. Is this the planned behaviour?

    Feel free to roast our project:

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      Hey @rcmy,

      thanks for your feedback!

      Interesting that you wanted to click on that plus sign.
      If you have a look at the desktop version I think it's clear. :)

      Ofc I'll have a look at your project!


      1. 1

        yeah, you are right, in the desktop version is clear

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    Hi @patrickr, I like the buzzer, it's an awesome gimmick! I really gave a thought for myself. But it's like you said, it heavily deppends on whom you're targeting. For me I think it's way to expensive and I'm not quite sure about the subscribtion model. I mean the hardware, if it's well produced, it's alright. But the subscription would for me personally be to expensive (even the 2 years sub). I would not see the continous value for paying 4-8$.

    I think you should decide yourself on your target audience. Your right, lawyers migh find it rather cheap, but do they fancy the buzzer part? And do they have other requirements?

    I hope I could help you with my honest feedback :)

    Feel free to give your feedback as well: Mage Pricing

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      Hi @FlyingLasagna,

      thanks for your feedback!

      After hearing your feedback, I believe we still have to work more on communicating the value of our solution. (Especially the continous value of our time tracking software (cloud, desktop and mobile apps)

      I have to think about how we can raise the perceived value. Ideas are welcome :)

      Maybe it already helps if I focus more on benefits than features on our pricing page.

      Or another idea could maybe be an calculator that shows you how much time you can save with our solution or how much more you can potentially earn by more accurate billing and increased productivity.

      Do you think something like that could help?

      But now let's get to your solution:

      I am sorry to disappoint you but I have really nothing to roast here.

      Instead a few positive things:

      • pricing page is super simple and easy to understand
      • I love your value-based pricing approach
      • I like the design and copy of your website. Good job, very professional!
      • I find the idea super interesting. If your tool works as you promise it should be a no-brainer for app developers.
      • prices seem super fair to me, but please note that I am not your target customer. ;)

      Awesome! You are also from Germany! I'd be happy to connect with you on linkedin.


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        If you want to show how much time it saves me, I would immediatly think about competitors of yours (I don't have any specific in mind) as well as just using a spreadsheet for free. So keep that in mind :)

        Thanks for your positive feedback, I'm glad to hear that!

        Yeah I was exited to see someone else from germany as well, I'll add you on LinkedIn ;)

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    Maybe you also have good examples of other products that combine a hardware device with a software (-subscription). If so, I'd happy about the links :)

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