March 25, 2019

Robinhood just acquired a competitor of mine... How do I capitalize on the news?

CJ Ezinne @cjezinne

Today, Robinhood announced that they have acquired MarketSnacks.
Article -

I own The Crypt - (We use AI to create the perfect morning finance newsletter)

We have a competitive product using NLP and AI. We have a small but growing subscriber base, but our subscribers helm from top companies like Google & Vanguard...

Any tips on how to reach out to reporters?

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    Two thoughts here.

    1. If Robinhood is shutting down the service, try and figure out ways to reach the affected users and pitch your service as a replacement.

    2. Just keep plugging away. Competitors come and go. This could be a good thing for you (they just eliminated a competitor) or it could be a bad thing (they bought them and not you, therefore their service is better than yours ) but if you keep providing value you will continue to grow.

    Another thought, do your users really care about how you make the newsletter? AI and NPL might make it easier for you to create it, but does it make it significantly better for your users?

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      One way to target those users is paid ads on Twitter targeting followers of the given account. I'd say these people fall under "love the product" and "curious about the product". Those are the first things that come to mind for why one would follow a company on Twitter.

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    Write a Medium article about it.

    Give your 2 cents about why it was a smart decision by Robinhood and what are the trends underlying it all...

    Investors will be reading about the deal or anyone interested in your industry.

    If they find your article you are already the reference! (ofc mention your business smoothly on the article)

    For an example, check this article we wrote about Spotify IPO last year (we were making a Music app):

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    Get to the communities where the competitor is/was active and hunt for user disappointed by the news. Then pass the link to your service!

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