YouTubers June 29, 2020

Roll Call: Are You an #IndieTuber?

John Saddington @8bit

Are you an #indietuber?! Let's make it a thing!

In addition to spending a lot more time in the #bizops (you should join us!), I'd like to take our YouTubing community here on Indie Hackers to the next level!

There's really no reason why we shouldn't be much, much bigger as I'm sure there are more than 59 folks who love YouTube and all-things video!

For starters, I'm going to start having a weekly check-in for folks who are creating video-centric content! I'd like to first organize ourselves a bit better and then open up some things like:

  • Weekly (virtual) Hangouts...
  • Strategy Sessions & AMAs with Experts...
  • And... more...!

Please put your suggestions / ideas in a comment!

So... with that being said: ROLL CALL!! Reply below with your YouTube URL or other video-centric spot and let us know what you'll be creating this week!

And, make sure to come back and post your work as well!

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      i had actually looked at buying it! you got it!

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        I can give it to you John, for FREE! It would be a nice name for indies and youtubers.

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          if you want, why not point it to the youtube group?

          no pressure! otherwise, keep it and use it!

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            There you go!

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                Love you too 🥰

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    I'll start:

    • I have two YouTubes: Daily Startup Vlog and a personal one that is taking a (small break.
    • I post every single day on the daily vlog, so, that's what i'm committed to publishing this week!

    I've already published today's content:

    (I'm moving my family of 5 during a pandemic — wtf...)

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      Just curious, ypu have 70k subs but why your views only 200-300 ?

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        we pivoted out of crypto / defi. we lost most of our daily audience. we lose about 1k a month i think. it’ll take time to reverse course.

        great question!! here’s more context on the earlier iteration of the company:

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    This is something that I'm about to start, I wasn't sure if youtube or twitch would be the best place. The time commitment is not taken lightly, as I'm working fulltime, bootstrapping and planning on documenting the journey..

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      try youtube first. unless you must livestream....

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    Hey, this is awesome! I'm excited for this community!

    My intro:
    I'm a standard tech employee that needed more of a work-life-balance. I missed doing art, so I created a youtube channel and have dreams of making it a side business (swag, ad revenue, tutorials).

    My channel is focusing on how to create graffiti and street art. Although I had started with no knowledge with spray paint, I'm teaching everyone I can on the things that I learn and approaching it with proper artistic fundamentals and having fun!

    This is still a young and early point in the channel's life, so any feedback is welcome! Let's talk shop and hang out!

    Here are some of my HowTo examples:

    How to paint block letters
    Spray painting banner for the channel
    How to paint bubble letters
    Full Channel

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      i think your about video / intro video could use some work. mine too.

      maybe we should do a group "intro" vid activity...!

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        The welcome to the channel video?
        Dude, good point! That has fallen off my radar. That was my first video ever, and I just wanted to get started and made a quick one. Now that I have a better feel, I need to update that! Thanks for bringing that to my attention and we should all get on a google hangouts or something and just talk shop!

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          what if we met regularly in a #meetup to encourage one another and chat video? what time zone are you in?

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            I'm in Mountain, so I'm one hour ahead of you, I think

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              kk. maybe next monday?

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      glad you're here! what's the plan?

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        I haven't figured it out yet - just doing my best to propulse indie hackers forward right now. Maybe the next step is build something out of it like a course or whatever ;)

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          i love that you're doing stuff like this. so good!

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          lol. tahnks.

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    My channel is In Good Company— and I share videos about Karl (cofounder) and I as we build Atlist.

    Editing our new video this week about dealing with disappointing growth 😊

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      Nice videos, I like the style. Subbed

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        That's awesome— thanks, I appreciate it :)

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      please share when it's up!

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        Definitely— thanks for the encouragement John!!

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          of course! this game is hard! we need to stay encouraged.

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    Started my channel three months ago. I am now going to be posting tutorials on different php projects every week.

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      awesome! glad you're here!

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    Get in their John! Just subbed to yours. New ground for me so up for learning some stuff.

    I just started Marketing Examples YouTube a few days ago. First video on a potato peeler street seller

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      sweet! thanks friend! glad you're here!

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    hi John, I had no idea there was even a YouTube forum here. Will definitely be joining.

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      sweet! do you have a youtube channel?

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    I'm looking into doing daily vlogs as well. Still need to just start haha!

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      just start!