YouTubers June 29, 2020

Roll Call: Are You an #IndieTuber?

John Saddington @8bit

Are you an #indietuber?! Let's make it a thing!

In addition to spending a lot more time in the #bizops (you should join us!), I'd like to take our YouTubing community here on Indie Hackers to the next level!

There's really no reason why we shouldn't be much, much bigger as I'm sure there are more than 59 folks who love YouTube and all-things video!

For starters, I'm going to start having a weekly check-in for folks who are creating video-centric content! I'd like to first organize ourselves a bit better and then open up some things like:

  • Weekly (virtual) Hangouts...
  • Strategy Sessions & AMAs with Experts...
  • And... more...!

Please put your suggestions / ideas in a comment!

So... with that being said: ROLL CALL!! Reply below with your YouTube URL or other video-centric spot and let us know what you'll be creating this week!

And, make sure to come back and post your work as well!

    1. 1

      i had actually looked at buying it! you got it!

      1. 3

        I can give it to you John, for FREE! It would be a nice name for indies and youtubers.

        1. 2

          if you want, why not point it to the youtube group?

          no pressure! otherwise, keep it and use it!

              1. 2

                Love you too 🥰

  1. 3

    So awesome to see this site turning into a hub for builders who can't code. I've been writing everyday on my blog since January, and now I'm taking my thoughts to the webcam:

    Thinking of doing weekly videos where I discuss further the stories and thoughts from my blog and podcast episodes. I want to grow this channel as a space where aspiring creatives can see that nobody struggles alone.

    Thanks for making this thread, John.

    1. 2

      of course!!! keep going! anything i can do to help?

      1. 2

        So, nobody has enough time to look through everybody's content. And that's totally fine, understandable. But I'm always massively inspired by seeing other aspiring creatives sharing their work. Especially if they're just starting out. I can't watch everybody's videos, and of course, nobody can watch all of mine. But knowing that I'm not alone, that's solace to me. Creators should spend more time creating than consuming. I think we're creating mostly for those who are doing more consuming than creating? Actually I have no idea. Hard to say, lol.

        So, what you've been doing, creating this community, that's tremendously helpful to me. It helps me hone in on my voice. It helps me seek out those who would miss me if I were gone. I know I've spent a lot of time not creating because I was so scared of doing this alone.

        Indirect support goes a long way.

        1. 1

          thanks! well, i watched your stuff. i like it. very similar to my "style"... and it can work. keep at it!

  2. 3

    My channel is In Good Company— and I share videos about Karl (cofounder) and I as we build Atlist.

    Editing our new video this week about dealing with disappointing growth 😊

    1. 2

      Nice videos, I like the style. Subbed

      1. 2

        That's awesome— thanks, I appreciate it :)

    2. 1

      please share when it's up!

      1. 2

        Definitely— thanks for the encouragement John!!

        1. 2

          of course! this game is hard! we need to stay encouraged.

  3. 2

    A work in progress but great idea ;-) and yes you should all be cleaning your dogs teeth every day!!!

    1. 1

      sweet! we're planning on getting a dog soon... this is good timing!

      1. 2

        Wonderful a mans best friend ;-) and the very best time to introduce good habits ( like tooth brushing ) is as puppies ;-), good luck you will have a blast and we need a picture of the new arrival ;-).

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    I was part of John's YEN Camp earlier this year. And I've been following him for sometime now.

    I recently (May 28) took to YouTube to stream live every day. John warned me it was going to be hard. I took it as a challenge.

    80 episodes in and have learned so much in the process.

    My focus is to share everything I've learned from my journey from consultant trading time for money to building a 1-person, $1M, all digital business.

    The Melvyn LIVE Show broadcast every day at 9.30PM SGT / 9.30AM EST (time approximate) :)

    1. 1

      :) thanks friend.

  5. 2

    Nice, I joined :)

    I'm working on Bytesized Code — occasional tutorials/guides to new web development stuff, but the main focus of the channel is Byteconf, a free + remote dev conference series. Definitely been struggling to keep content up in between the conferences, so there's kind of a push-and-pull between whether I should just go all in on conferences or all in on weekly content.

    1. 1

      that's easy: weekly content, all the way.

      universally-scalable for life... conferences... unless you have a very specific metric that is bound to that event, is... a one-time thing.

  6. 2

    This is something that I'm about to start, I wasn't sure if youtube or twitch would be the best place. The time commitment is not taken lightly, as I'm working fulltime, bootstrapping and planning on documenting the journey..

    1. 1

      try youtube first. unless you must livestream....

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    Hey, this is awesome! I'm excited for this community!

    My intro:
    I'm a standard tech employee that needed more of a work-life-balance. I missed doing art, so I created a youtube channel and have dreams of making it a side business (swag, ad revenue, tutorials).

    My channel is focusing on how to create graffiti and street art. Although I had started with no knowledge with spray paint, I'm teaching everyone I can on the things that I learn and approaching it with proper artistic fundamentals and having fun!

    This is still a young and early point in the channel's life, so any feedback is welcome! Let's talk shop and hang out!

    Here are some of my HowTo examples:

    How to paint block letters
    Spray painting banner for the channel
    How to paint bubble letters
    Full Channel

    1. 1


      i think your about video / intro video could use some work. mine too.

      maybe we should do a group "intro" vid activity...!

      1. 2

        The welcome to the channel video?
        Dude, good point! That has fallen off my radar. That was my first video ever, and I just wanted to get started and made a quick one. Now that I have a better feel, I need to update that! Thanks for bringing that to my attention and we should all get on a google hangouts or something and just talk shop!

        1. 1

          what if we met regularly in a #meetup to encourage one another and chat video? what time zone are you in?

          1. 2

            I'm in Mountain, so I'm one hour ahead of you, I think

            1. 1

              kk. maybe next monday?

    1. 2

      glad you're here! what's the plan?

      1. 2

        I haven't figured it out yet - just doing my best to propulse indie hackers forward right now. Maybe the next step is build something out of it like a course or whatever ;)

        1. 2

          i love that you're doing stuff like this. so good!

  8. 2

    Started my channel three months ago. I am now going to be posting tutorials on different php projects every week.

    1. 2

      awesome! glad you're here!

  9. 2

    Get in their John! Just subbed to yours. New ground for me so up for learning some stuff.

    I just started Marketing Examples YouTube a few days ago. First video on a potato peeler street seller

    1. 1

      sweet! thanks friend! glad you're here!

  10. 2

    hi John, I had no idea there was even a YouTube forum here. Will definitely be joining.

    1. 1

      sweet! do you have a youtube channel?

  11. 2

    I'm looking into doing daily vlogs as well. Still need to just start haha!

  12. 2

    I'll start:

    • I have two YouTubes: Daily Startup Vlog and a personal one that is taking a (small break.
    • I post every single day on the daily vlog, so, that's what i'm committed to publishing this week!

    I've already published today's content:

    (I'm moving my family of 5 during a pandemic — wtf...)

    1. 3

      Just curious, ypu have 70k subs but why your views only 200-300 ?

      1. 1

        we pivoted out of crypto / defi. we lost most of our daily audience. we lose about 1k a month i think. it’ll take time to reverse course.

        great question!! here’s more context on the earlier iteration of the company:

  13. 1

    I make a lot of YouTube videos and make money from them but don't identify as a YouTuber at all. If the group were called "YouTube", I'd have joined... but YouTuber is just gross!

    1. 0

      the irony in this comment is telling...

      ... so, you're more interested in the naming convention(s) around community more than community and/or the relationships themselves?

      yikes... that's extremely shallow, tbh.

      we're a bunch of content creators, some new and some experienced, who are interested in encouraging and supporting one another in our content creation goals. you can call us "gross" if you'd like... i've been called worse!

      i'm not really offended... more like... surprised you'd out yourself as being this superficial.

      1. 2

        I really, really don't appreciate you taking your disagreement to your thousands of Twitter followers. That's the way people try to whip up angry mobs. It's also a way to make people here feel much less safe about participating in general. I am not calling you or anyone in the group anything. I'm speaking only in regards to my reaction towards being in a group with that name myself.

        The reason I don't like the idea of a "YouTuber" identity isn't superficial. It's generally harder to think clearly about anything that's part of one's identity. This is particularly true in cases of politics and religion, but applies broadly.

        If "YouTuber" were part of my identity, I'd be at some degree of disadvantage in terms of thinking strategically about how best to use (or not use) it. That's the part that's gross to me. I gave the feedback in the spirit of openness. You have the information to use or ignore and have lost nothing from reading my opinion.

        1. 1

          you're taking this way too personally, but, i appreciate your responding.

          is calling my friends "gross" consider a "banal comment"? just checking, because, i didn't start the 🔥.

          glad it's working for you. keep on doing you. i'm supportive of that, without question.

          1. 1

            As I wrote above, I didn't call your friends anything. My comment was 100% about the group name. You did, however, call me superficial. Not the name I picked for a group, but me personally.

            You also tweeted this to thousands of people. It's very hard to see that as anything other than public harassment over a thread comment you disagreed with.

            1. 0

              dude, why are you here? you blocked me (on twitter) so this isn't even a problem anymore. you're whining now.

              1. 1

                I commented above (and here) in response to a direct question from you. I have never tweeted about you or had any contact with you on Twitter until this past day.

                you're whining now.

                Please, stop tweeting about me. Once was bad enough, but according to my friends you're continuing to tweet about me even after I've blocked you. There's no need for you to screenshot my external social accounts and post them here, either.

                If you can't comment here without making a personal attack, then just stop.

                Stick to business strategies, ideas, etc and leave the personal attacks/misrepresentations/insults out. That's all I ask.

                1. 1

                  there's no block feature here on IH. so, at your leisure.

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