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Ruby-On-Rails (RoR) Open Source Websites (Demos)



I'm embarrassed to even post this. I'm trying to find a bunch of open source RoR sites that I can look at/rip apart to see how they've been designed/worked. I'm interested in getting a better feel of the front/backend of webapps developed in the last few years.

Doing the usual 'net search isn't turning up much in the way of complete websites. I can find tools. I can find commercial sites (shopify/airbnb/etc..). Just can't seem to find that list of 50 sites that are all open source with running demos and still being contributed to.

My overall goal is to put together a mockup/wireframe of an app, but I'm interested in getting a better understanding of how the better webapps have been built 1st.


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    This is not precisely what you asked for, since, I believe, you are wanting a working public web site[1], but since you're also asking for an example of a ROR project/application, with source code, to study to get an idea of what is currently being coded, my Tradable Analysis Toolset (stock/commodities analysis) might qualify. If you're interested in a project that uses Rails as a piece of a larger project employing ideas from Domain-Driven Design, microservices, and other modern architectural principles with the goal of producing a flexible and versatile architecture[2], I think this might be an example of a possible way to do this, or at least give you some ideas in that direction. On the other hand, if you are restricting your search to traditional Rails projects and/or to projects that have already been completed, this is probably not what you're looking for. It is, I'd say, around 50% to 65% completed. Perhaps that's enough to give you some ideas with respect to using Rails without getting stuck in its (IMO) rather restrictive possibilities with respect to modern, flexible, architectures. Anyway, I invite you to take a look and judge for yourself[3]:

    If you want to actually try it out, you'll also need these projects that it depends on:

    [1] However, I hope to have a working web site in the near future, along with a mobile app.

    [2] At least - more flexible than a traditional RoR project architecture.

    [3] It's a somewhat complex project, so if you have questions about it, feel free to ask.

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    While being great, RoR has a very steep learning curve and the ecosystem around is unfortunately stagnating for years.

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      let's not do a flamewar over ecosystems or dev languages

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        absolutely. and i tried to be as neutral as possible. but newbies should not be misled or learn langs/frameworks when 100x is happening in other ecosystems. Again RoR was and is still great but times, markets, clients changed a bit since last decade

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    I recently ran across It installs as a Rails engine. It might be worth investigating,

    Also, there is Spina CMS,

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    Here's a couple rails apps you can look at:


    A social / blogging site for developers


    Code collaboration tool similar to GitHub


    Teaches programming with videos and exercises.