Community Building January 13, 2021

Running 4th on Product Hunt 🔥


Hello indiehackers!

Our product, Sertifier, is on Product Hunt launch today! We are currently 4th and need your help a bit.

Sertifier is an all-in-one education data collection tool
that makes smart certificates and open badges
🚀 easy to issue
😇 enjoyable to earn and
🔍 simple to analyze!

Here's the link, go check it out and give an upvote if you like it 🙏🏼

If you have any suggestions on the product, our marketing content, product hunt page -- or anything, please share it so that we can learn from you 😇

  1. 2

    HAHA. my dog ate my diploma :)
    I love it🤣 Great Works!

  2. 1

    Congratulations on launch! upvoted!

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