Meetups April 21, 2019

São Paulo Meetups Website is Live

Rodolpho Arruda @koello

Olá! The SP meetups website is live! The first event is set to take place on the 9th of May. Check out the promo website at #meetups

Sorry, it's all Portuguese, but I'm sure you can handle that. =)

Sampa indie hackers, you are all invited to join us.

International indies now in Sampa, please let me know. Let's meet!

Thank you all!

  1. 1

    Awesome! I'm from São Paulo, it's great to see people there indie hacking. =)

    1. 1

      Hey Lucas. I bet you are going to join us in the 1st meetup! ;-)

      1. 1

        Unfortunately I can't, I don't live in São Paulo anymore =/

  2. 1

    Cool. We have just received the first attendee confirmation for the meetup. In less than 24 hours after the meetup website went live. =)

    1. 1

      Rodolpho, we have a Telegram for brazilian indie hackers. If you want to join:

      1. 1

        Hi Rodrigo. Thanks for the heads-up. I have joined it.

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