SaaS billing flow generator for Stripe Billing

Hi IHs,

I've been helping SaaS founders design an efficient & easy self-service billing flow with Stripe Billing. The repeating questions are always about the high-level architecture of billing and how it connects to the product, what Stripe API calls to make, which Stripe webhooks to listen to, and the order of the self-service flow.

After months of analyzing the combination of different billing architectures, I was able to narrow down to nine standard billing flows based on two criteria:

👉 Pricing model: the billing flow for flat subscription, unit-based pricing, and metered usage differs.

👉 Acquisition strategy: whether you have a freemium model, free trial, or card upfront.

I've put all of these flows in an interactive quiz to help all SaaS founders set up with Stripe Billing easier and faster. I hope it is helpful.

I'd love to know how I can improve this tool. Your feedback comment is very much appreciated :)

SaaS billing flow generator
Stripe Billing

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    Really cool tool.

    Only question I have is what is the output of this?
    Is it code? If so in what format, how would I integrate in my project?

    The tool seems super useful. Would be an amazing free tool to direct users to a saas product that helps with stripe. I think it might end up more valuable in that format. Not sure I understand what I’m getting for the ongoing payments

    1. 1

      Btw, are you currently using Stripe?
      If so, I'd love to check out your website.

      1. 2

        Not yet but one of these days I’ll get it sorted and I’ll definitely come back to you then if your offer still stands.

        Seems like you already figured out your leads for this. That’s great I love those types of products, win for user better than docs, win for you as % of people will likely convert.

        1. 1

          Absolutely, the offer is on the table whenever you need my feedback.

          And thank you! yes, this was a product of me talking to many product leads with repeating questions. Though IH might also enjoy it :)

    2. 1

      That's really helpful feedback @simnon, thank you!

      The tool I am working on is called billflow.io which basically provides embeddable billing pages for Stripe so you don't have to build the UI part of your billing. But this specific tool I posted is just a billing flow generator to help founders understand the high-level architecture of their billing super fast instead of reading docs for hours.

      I will def use this feedback to improve the tool. Glad you found it useful :)

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    Sounds useful. Is there a pricing demo page?
    Also I would be vary about building this out. Considering Stripe has gone after self serving payments, there is a good chance they are working on something similar to Billflow.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback @shash

      You can checkout all of our demos here: https://demo.billflow.io

      We do have a close relationship with Stripe, and they have certainly focused on the hosted self-service solutions. Billflow is laser-focused on B2B SaaS embedded experience.

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