Content Marketing November 16, 2020

SaaS Content Marketing 2021

Ilona Dee @ilonacodes

Content marketing for SaaS is easier said than done!

SaaS marketing is more challenging for entrepreneurs than physical product marketing because there is no tangible product that you can present.

It is more difficult to convince someone to integrate your digital product into their daily processes and routine than to ask them to simply buy a box of tea.

That's why you need working SaaS marketing strategies to get more conversions -- turn your leads into the paid customers.

Here is the list of top trends to consider for 2021 to make your SaaS stand out in 2021 and beyond.

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    Great and thorough research on the article. I will be sure to update my content marketing tool, Designtack and see what new trends I can fit it with to make it upto the mark :)

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      Glad you found the article useful 🙂

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    Interesting that chatbots have this higher conversion rate! I would never guessed that.
    Thank you for sharing Ilona!

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      Thank you for reading! It's true. Today chatbots can automate all of basic and day-to-day content marketing tasks.

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    Hello @ilonacodes,

    we have seen a handful of marketers using the Discovery tool to cover topics that are fast-growing. In the same platform, they can also find market intelligence and customer insights data for these topics. This way their content gets more attraction and it's easy for the marketing team to have all insights in one place.

    Hope it helps,

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