SaaS for COVID - A directory of discounts on popular SaaS products

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    I like how it mentions whether or not it drives you to a paid account. I've been feeling like many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to get paid customers rather than just being helpful.

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    Has anyone seen a similar list for courses, tutorials and/or educational products? I recently finished watching Ahref's blogging for business course which was made free and it was great. Looking for more stuff to learn, especially on marketing.

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      Have a look at the list here: https://www.minttwist.com/blog/free-digital-marketing-resources/

      I also just finished Ahref's blogging for business course. It was really great, but I feel that subsequent courses about the same subject won't add that much more value.

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        Thanks for this resource. I agree that I probably don't need more courses on SEO. It would be interesting to see courses on other topics though.

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