SAAS for Lead Generation & Drip Email Campaign - Landing page feedback

Hi Guys, we are launching a SAAS for lead generation and drip email campaign soon, we have just launched our landing page for early access Click here to view the landing https://pitchmatic.io/
Would really appreciate if you guys could give a feedback on the landing page.

  1. Whether you understand the features of the product?
  2. Is it persuasive enough?
  3. Any suggestions to make it better?
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    IMO, there is too much happening in terms of animation and text. I don't know what to focus on or where to start.

    When I land on the page, I can see three animations going on simultaneously, in two different regions. Either remove the animations, slow them down or make the images static. I think it would also make sense to push the feature list below the fold, but that's just a design opinion.

    After I really focussed and forced myself to look at the page, I found the hero text to be really good. It gets the point across succinctly and instantly tells the user what differentiates you.

    The two column layout for features seems noisy and I don't know what to focus on (like the rest of the page). I would suggest breaking it into one feature per row and merge or reduce the features you highlight.

    Personalizing emails is table stakes for a product like yours and I personally don't think it merits highlighting.

    How many people actually want to bring their own email service? If they are automating lead generation, then why would they worry about setting up their own email service?

    I like the section of use cases because it really highlights where your product can shine and be useful.

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      Thank you so much Vivek, for the detailed feedback. All of them are good points

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    Thank you everybody for your feedback, we have improved our landing page, removed unnecessary animations and replaced them with simple illustrations. I believe it still gets the point across. Once again thank you all.. Grateful to be part of such an amazing community.

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    Make sure you use the correct terminology for your core products as email marketing involves building a list so you can send out newsletter type of emails whereas your platform looks like it's for cold outbound emails. The same for automated lead collection, its very general and doesn't really explain what you do. A few suggestions would be email finder/extractor/prospector. Spend some time clarifying your services and while there do some keyword research.

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    RE: the proposed feature set - I think this is brilliant. I've cobbled together a couple of scripts to do this process more efficiently before and if your system can make it seamless, it will create a ton of value.

    I recommend really narrowing the use case to one specific persona to start with though. There are 8 million (est.) products in this space and niche-ing down early will help you break through the noise. Consider the thoughts laid out here: https://www.indiehackers.com/jcalvarez/post/6e070415e2

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    Really hard to focus. Hero almost makes me sick looking at it with all the motion. Hard to pay attention in the feature section. Headline font in all caps is hard for me to read, feels like its screaming at me.

    It looks like there is a lot happening in the back end, something I'd want to understand.

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      Thank you so much for your honest feedback. We shall get our team to work on design modifications to reduce distractions and focus on content.

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        I think the design is actually good, the animations are smooth and probably involved a lot of time to make.

        The biggest reason I think people are getting "dizzy" looking at the landing page is the animation speed, they are way too fast, the user doesn't have enough time to process all the information before It transition.

        Anyway, congrats on your product. Hope you succeed!

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