SaaS Idea: Documentation reminder tool

Hi! I'm trying to validate an idea for a SaaS product.

One of the biggest pain points is documentation on day to day work. Nobody likes to do it, yet it's super important/useful and sometimes even necessary (to bill the client for example).

There are many awesome writing tools out there, notion for example. Yet to me they are glorified editors, they do not promote or help with the grueling task of compilating data points of the daily work.

So I was thinking about creating a more automated tool, something you give access to your Github Account or your calendar for example, and fills in a initial report with your commits and appointments. Afterwards you can go in and put on notes or remarks.

It's topped by sending you notifications (either throughout the day or at the end of the day) for you to take 5 mins and fill your report.

You then have documentation on a day to day basis easily exportable for clients or for important information lookback.

What do you guys think about that?

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    Sounds interesting.

    Not sure if it's big enough of a pain but for me I think there is something in making the habit of post processing things (meetings, work, reports etc.) easier.

    I try to do this by just being very disciplined and we have written out Operations manuals that say like: How to summarize a meeting and things like that but if I forget it I'm toast 😁

    So something that integrates with calendar and sends me a reminder to do a certain tasks sounds good but it's not a big enough pain for me to pay I think 🤔

    Just my 2c

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    I would be grateful with a tools that makes all my documentation including diagrams, in big bureaucratic companies it's commonly required

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      What kind of diagrams do you need/use?

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        Class diagrams and Flowcharts mainly

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          How would you auto-generate class diagrams that are relevant and most of all correct, that sounds technically impossible, my goals are lot more modest.

          Thanks for the feedback though

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    That sounds too. But i'm not sure how many programmers can use that. Some clients just don't care about documentation on day to day work. I guess you should create a simple site and pitch your idea with a form to collect emails and see how many are interested on this.

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