March 20, 2019

SaaS Idea Validation



Hey IH!

Looking to get some feedback/validation on my SaaS idea.

I am looking to build a collaborative requirement management tool targeting freelancers that work on projects. Project requirements often come from different sources - phone calls, Slack, text, email, whiteboard which can become difficult to manage and I hope to automate this process. Scope creep is a pain to deal with and I want to help people avoid the dreaded question from a client "I thought I requested this."

The idea came to me because we live in a world of constant communication with different channels and for freelancers (such as myself), client requests can come from a lot of different mediums. Instead of having to keep track of all my emails, texts, phone calls, and etc, I want to have the ability to easily send the requests to the SaaS app so it helps me manage it.

With the app, it will provide end-to-end traceability, visualization report to both parties that show what is and is not within scope.

Sometime down the road, I am thinking of implementing some sort of wizard that can guide the client into describing what they want out of project to give freelancers a better idea on the scope and deliverable of the project.

Looking for any feedback!

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    I think there is definitely a bunch of pain points in this process. A few things to consider:

    1. Could this be more valuable to agencies i.e.a freelance may only do requirements gathering a few times a year, agencies are often doing this constantly?
    2. There are a bunch of things that you are trying to solve i.e. getting requirements, producing proposals, contracts(?), managing change requests etc. Is it better to focus on only one of those initially?
    3. If you want to automate then focus only on one type of freelance agency initially. i.e. logo designers, WordPress them designers etc. The narrower the focus the easier to automate (obviously make sure the market is big enough to support the product.

    Happy to discuss any of these :)

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      Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Never thought about it from the agency point of view but it makes sense as they land more projects than freelancers.

      2. Initially, I am just focusing on tackling the requirements gathering process. Later, I might tackle all the other issues.

      3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into focusing on a niche.

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