🚀 SaaS Landing page feedback needed

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    There's a considerable amount of wasted space above the fold. I'd consider adding in a more descriptive tagline so it's immediately clear what your service does, who it's for and how it benefits customers.

    To save space and make it quicker to get to the features section, I'd also suggest turning those 23 templates into a carousel to sit on one row. And perhaps rather than showing all 23, give a taster with a smaller sample. Sometimes less is more!

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      Thank you for your feedback! 😊

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    The design is lovely! One thing I'm not clear on though, are the pricing plans month-to-month or one time fee's? If they are a one time fee you might want to add that into the pricing description. If it is when I might get one :)

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      It is a one time fee! Thanks for pointing this out, we'll update the pricing to be more clear.

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    I love it. Very nice indeed.

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    Looks neat, I like it!

    One thing I would change: Our pricing plan for everyone. Usually if a product is targeted at "everyone" it feels impersonal and doesn't feel like it's for me. Try something like: "Choose the right plan your business" usually sounds better.

    Good luck!

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      The perfect words I was looking for! Thank you, I'm changing it right now 😇

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    Looks good.
    My only comment is that the price for enterprise is in red, which instinctively makes me wanna avoid it. However you have the red elements elsewhere on the site, so maybe your customers will ignore that.

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      Good tip. We'll see what colors we will use for the pricing table.

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    Looks pretty good, I am actually thinking if I should update my existing landing page or create/use a new one. I like your theme, but there are a few issues with your theme after quickly looking at it:

    • On mobile the testimonials section has different spacing between the reviews.
    • The wavy line in the footer looks like it has some artifacts or is not really smooth (I use a 4k screen).
    • Accessibility is limited: a lot of interactive elements don't have hover/focus/active states
    • If I open the menu on mobile and close it the navbar disappears and it looks like the scroll jumps.

    So in my opinion, although the design looks nice, it looks like the testing/attention to details is missing. I found the issues mentioned above in just a few minutes of browsing through the theme, I assume there are a lot more. Personally if I pay for a theme I expect it to be flawless or at least tested and without bugs.

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      I have noted all your points of feedback and we'll take it into consideration for the next update (coming in the next few days)

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    Looks great!

    One tiny detail that I have noticed is the "23 hand-crafted pages" section. When I see those images I expect them to extend fullscreen as images, but I was surprised to be redirected to another page.

    If you place a tiny icon of a link [1] that is visible on hover it will give a clue that clicks on this image will send me to another page.

    [1] https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestand:External_link_font_awesome.svg

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      Great idea! Thank you. Didn't think of it. I'll do this today!

      Edit: added the icon. Such a big difference now!

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    Looks really amazing! What are your plans for reaching potential customers?

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      Thank you! We will start writing a series of informative articles about SaaS related websites, businesses, marketing and so on. Other than that we will also launch on PH in a few weeks!

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    Really cool ... Maybe to add some color schemes?

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    I think you need to reduce the dpi images that you have used on your website to around 72. Kinda looks bulkier loading. Landing pages are instant and the decision to move forward is always impulsive.

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    First feeling, too much data on the page, it slows down my 2019 Macbook Pro 13!!

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    Question: do you think the $79 pricing tag is justified? We worked roughly one month one the whole product to bring it to the highest quality possible.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thank you! We hope so 😇

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